FHSAA Cheer Division Selection Form




TO:                 Competitive Cheerleading Head Coaches

FROM:           Kellie Doucette, Director of Athletics

                        Justin Harrison, Associate Executive Director for Athletic Services

RE:                 2018 FHSAA Division Selection Form

The Florida High School Athletic Association is asking that each head Competitive Cheerleading coach submit a Division Selection Form.  The form must be completed in its entirety before teams will be added to the schedule.  Once all forms are received regional schedules will be built. 

Since divisions are assigned based on the coaches selection, once this Division Selection Form is signed and submitted, and the confirmation period is over, no changes will be made to a team’s division regardless of circumstances.  It is in a team’s best interest to carry alternates in the event an athlete becomes injured or is otherwise unable to participate. 

In the unlikely event the head coach selected the wrong division, or I made an error in recording the coach’s selection, I will send the completed schedules out to proof.  If there is an error, the head coach will have 24 hours to let me know.  After 24 hours no changes will be made. 

Teams missing this form, or coaches without a valid AACCA Spirit Safety Certification will not be placed on the schedule.  Teams that submit the Division Selection Form after the December 4th deadline will be added to the end of their selected division. 

These forms will be accepted November 20th-December 4th, 2017.

Please direct any question you may have to Kellie Doucette by e-mail (kdoucette@fhsaa.org).