FHSAA Allegation Form

Allegations received with contact information included will be given priority. This information will be shared with the school. Anonymous allegations will be accepted but may be delayed.

Thank you for contacting the FHSAA and sharing your concerns. Your correspondence will be reviewed by this office, then forwarded to the administration at the school in question.

The school will be instructed to conduct an internal investigation and report their findings to the FHSAA.

In the event a school reports there is no violation and the FHSAA has not received a preponderance of evidence of violations, the case is closed with the understanding that the FHSAA has the right to reopen the case if a preponderance of evidence is presented.

In the event the school acknowledges violations, they may self-report to the FHSAA, including proposed corrective actions.

In the event the school reports there is no violation, however, and the FHSAA has received a preponderance of evidence, the FHSAA may conduct an investigation into the school's program and at its conclusion, determine preliminary findings, sanctions and corrective actions.

Please do not upload files larger the 1 MB. Combine files into one document or .Zip file. You can also email Allegations@fhsaa.org with material after submitting this form.

Describe any attachments that have been submitted. Please include any online video or online material that you can share in the form of a link here.