Boys Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions

FHSAA Officials Online Evaluation Program

In an effort to discover excellence, stimulate improvement, give officials accurate data for reflection and ascertain weaknesses; the FHSAA has created its first online officials evaluation program.  Please take the time after each of your varsity contest to fill out the evaluation survey.  If there’s room for improvement for the crew, we request that you state the situation(s).  The FHSAA aims to use this program to not only give measures to our officials for improvement, but to inform our officials when they are doing a great job.  If the tool is successful, the FHSAA plans to use it as an additional tool for future post season assignments.  Please CLICK HERE for the evaluation link.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Jeremy Hernandez at jhernandez [at] fhsaa [dot] org.


The district tournament seeding procedures have not change from previous years.

Do these sports us MaxPreps Rankings?

NO. MaxPreps rankings are currently not being used for Boys Volleyball, Flag Football, Lacrosse or Water Polo.

How do I make the playoffs?

During the regular season, each team must play their district members at least once to determine the top 4 teams that will qualify for the district tournament. Each school shall be seeded based on its win-loss record in the contests played against all district opponents during the regular season. The school with the best district record shall be seeded No. 1; the school with the second-best district record shall be seeded No. 2; etc.

How many teams advance from the district tournament to the regional tournament?

The Champion from each of the 16 district tournaments shall advance to one of the four regional tournaments in each classification to which they are assigned

Am I required to schedule teams in my district?

YES. You are still required to play regular season district games.

Am I required to play regular-season district games in order to qualify for the district tournament?

YES. Regular season district games are required in order to participate in the district tournament.

Who will host each regional round?

The procedure has not changed. Home teams will still be determined by either the top line or bottom line of the bracket as it will continue to rotate.