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Academic Team Champion Awards Program

Program Overview

What is the FHSAA Academic Team Champion Program?

The FHSAA Academic Team Champion recognition program honors teamwork not only in competition, but in the classroom as well. The program recognizes teams in each of the Association’s sanctioned and recognized sports, naming an Academic Team Champion in each classification.  For the 2019-20 school year, the 699 member senior high schools have been divided into seven classifications for administrative purposes based on the enrollments submitted to the FHSAA Office in October 2018, which were used to discern the classifications as they are drawn up now (as per basketball).

Who is eligible for nomination?
Any FHSAA member senior high school who meets the following requirements:

  • The team must have committed to participate in FHSAA state series competition in the sport in which it is nominated and honored that commitment by participating in the district tournament (or all scheduled district games in football only); and
  • The team must have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average on an unweighted 4.0 scale (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1).

What GPAs are considered?
All team members listed on its varsity roster (or those who participate in at least one district game in football) must be considered in compiling its cumulative team grade point average.  Each sport will have a maximum number of athletes posted.  Home Campus will automatically use the top students off your roster for its calculations.  For individual sports, while every student-athlete listed on the varsity roster must be included, there are also a minimum number of student-athletes that must be listed and participate in state series competition in order to qualify for this award (competitive cheerleading dependent upon squad size, consistent with competition divisions):

  • Bowling – 5
  • Cross Country – 5
  • Golf – 4
  • Swimming & Diving – 9
  • Tennis – 5
  • Track & Field – 14
  • Weightlifting – 6
  • Wrestling – 8

The team aggregate GPA is submitted for nomination.  GPAs will be rounded off to the nearest thousandth (e.g., 3.214).  Only student-athletes’ GPAs may be used.  Team managers, statisticians or student trainers will not be included when computing the team GPA.

Fall teams use the previous spring semester cumulative unweighted GPA.  Winter and spring teams use the first semester cumulative unweighted GPA.  Freshman grades are not included in GPA for fall sports since they do not have a previous high school cumulative GPA.

What do winning teams receive?
Each classification's individual sport winner receives a commemorative plaque. For overall classification winners, the top 10 schools in each category will receive points. Ten points will be awarded for a first place finish, nine points for second, etc. The school in each class with the highest cumulative point total for the entire school year will get a special award. Points awarded for teams in single-class sports will still count toward the overall standings.