Official Ball: Soccer

The Wilson VEZA Soccer Ball shall be the official soccer ball of the FHSAA Soccer State Series. The use of this ball shall be mandatory in each district tournament game, regional tournament game, state semifinal game and FHSAA State Championship Game. The host school shall ensure the use of the official Wilson ball. The purchase of the Wilson soccer balls, if necessary, will be considered an expense of the district tournament or regional game and reported as such on the financial report form. Wilson and the FHSAA will provide the soccer balls to be used in competition at the Florida High School State Championships.  Failure to comply shall subject the host school to penalties including, but not limited to, financial penalties and revocation of state series event hosting privileges in the respective sport. 

Please note, the use of the NCAA Forte Fybrid II is not mandatory but is an allowed substitute during the FHSAA Soccer State Series in place of the VEZA Soccer Ball. Please see the above paragraph detailing the official ball requirements for the FHSAA playoffs.