Cross Country Frequently Asked Questions

Can a competitor wear jewelry?

There is no longer a rule prohibiting the use of  jewelry during cross country competition.

Are Nike Pro™ uniform shorts allowed to be worn during competition?

Per NFHS Cross Country rule 9-6-1(c)(2) compression-style shorts, like the Nike pro shorts, are allowed to be worn during competition. However, uniform bottoms may only have one visible manufacturers logo. Most of the compression-style shorts, like the Nike Pro™ compression shorts, have manufacturer’s logos at the bottom left leg and around the waist band. With that said, if the uniform top covers the logos on the waist band of the shorts while the athlete is standing in a natural position, the uniform to be considered legal.

During the regular season (non-state series), how many runners are allowed in a varsity race?

Meet directors / managers will have the option to allow up to 10 runners in a varsity race. All runners beyond 7 runners shall be disregarded and shall not displace any opposing runner. (FHSAA Rule 9-5)

Can my athlete wear a hair ribbon that matches the school colors of black and gold?

(FHSAA rule 9-6-1)  - Explains that an athlete may now wear a single solid color ribbon or similar items used to control the hair as long as it is securely attached to the hair and is not excessive length and size.

How many meets will take place in each regional complex, and what regions will be included at each?

Districts 1-4 will comprise the Region 1 complex, District 5-8 will comprise the Region 2 complex, Districts 9-12 will comprise the Region 3 complex, and Districts 13- 16 will comprise the Region 4 complex. One meet will be held at each regional complex. (FHSAA rule

How does the advancement from district meets to regional meets work for teams and individuals?

In a district with six (6) or less teams entered, the first three (3) placing teams and the top fifteen (15) runners will advance to the region meet, in a districts with seven (7) to nine (9) teams entered, the first four (4) placing teams and the top fifteen (15) runners will advance to the region meet, and in a districts with ten (10) or more teams entered, the first five (5) placing teams and the top fifteen (15) runners will advance. “Entered” is defined as being present at the starting line and competing.

Are GPS Watches allowed to be worn during competition?

Global Positioning System Watches are not allowed to be worn during competition. Watches without positioning applications are allowed to be worn.

How many Athletes can you list on your State Entry List?

You may list up to fifteen (15) athletes on your State Entry List.

How many meets must an athlete participate in to be eligible for districts?

10.3.1 Minimum Contest Requirement. To be eligible for participation in the FHSAA State Series in the sport of cross country, an individual student-athlete shall participate in a minimum of five (5) interscholastic contests during the regular season. A student-athlete who is academically ineligible at the beginning of a sports season and who regains his/her eligibility during that sports season, but is unable to participate in the minimum of five (5) interscholastic contests, shall be exempted from this provision.

Can some varsity girls wear the traditional loose fit shorts while other wear the tighter fitting boycott shorts and still remain in compliance with the uniformity rules?

The uniform cut (style) can be different for each athlete; however the design must be the same.