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Athletic Services Purpose

The Athletic Services Department recognizes a commitment to serve both its student-athletes and the FHSAA member schools. The department’s primary commitment is to provide an opportunity for student-athletes to develop their athletic potential competing in State Series Events.

By taking direction from the Executive Director and the Associate Executive Director for Athletic Services, the department is committed to providing an extraordinary variety of athletic opportunities that meet the talents, interests and needs of a broad range of individuals.  The department staff coordinates and plans events for 32 sports each year.

With respect to affirming and maintaining standards of conduct for responsible student behavior throughout the regular sports seasons, the department supports and promotes good sportsmanship by all parties involved within a member school’s athletic program.   

Mission Statement: In supporting and promoting The Florida High School Athletic Association, Inc., the Athletic Services Department preserves the trust and respect of its member schools by providing a level  competitive playing opportunity for all student-athletes within the state series by promoting sportsmanship, striving for excellence, and competing with integrity.

Department Responsibilities

  • Sports assignments
  • Reclassifications
  • Sport specific questions, i.e. rule interpretations
  • Sportsmanship enforcement
  • Game ejections
  • Ejections and appeals
  • State series events
  • State series pass processing
  • Sanctioning
  • District meetings
  • Advisory committees – sport specific/Athletic Directors/Sports Medicine/Officials
  • Officials Programs
  • Commitment forms/add/drop

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