4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Raines vs. Cocoa
  Date: Dec 07, 2017 • Site: Orlando, Fla.

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
 Drive: 2 plays, minus 13 yards, TOP 0:42
Raines 3-23on Raines20End of game, clock 00:00.
Raines 2-22on Raines21TEAM rush for loss of 1 yard to the RAINES20.
Raines 2-17on Raines26PENALTY RAINES false start 5 yards to the RAINES21.
Raines 2-12on Raines31PENALTY RAINES false start 5 yards to the RAINES26.
Raines 1-10on Raines33TEAM rush for loss of 2 yards to the RAINES31.
Raines 1-10on Raines33Timeout Raines, clock 00:42.
Raines 1-10on Raines33RAINES drive start at 00:42.
 Drive: 12 plays, 50 yards, TOP 4:59
Cocoa 4-3on Raines32Javian Hawkins rush for loss of 1 yard to the RAINES33 (Deante Bush;Diop Kee).
Cocoa 3-4on Raines33Willie Gaines rush for 1 yard to the RAINES32 (Javon Bonsell).
Cocoa 2-5on Raines34Willie Gaines rush for 1 yard to the RAINES33 (Rod.Billingslea).
Cocoa 1-10on Raines39Javian Hawkins rush for 5 yards to the RAINES34 (Elijah Spivey).
Cocoa 4-13on Cocoa44BradleyCantrell pass complete to Willie Gaines for 17 yards to the RAINES39, 1ST DOWN COCOA (Dylan Schofield).
Cocoa 4-8on Cocoa49PENALTY COCOA delay of game 5 yards to the COCOA44.
Cocoa 3-8on Cocoa49BradleyCantrell pass incomplete to J.Wojciechowski, QB hurry by Aric Horne.
Cocoa 2-8on Cocoa49BradleyCantrell pass incomplete to Tri. Charles (Dylan Schofield).
Cocoa 2-3on Raines46Javian Hawkins rush for 12 yards to the RAINES34, out-of-bounds (Shamar Jackson), PENALTY COCOA illegal formation 5 yards to the COCOA49, NO PLAY.
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa47BradleyCantrell rush for 7 yards to the RAINES46 (Breyon Mcdonald).
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa47Clock 03:46.
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa35Javian Hawkins rush for 12 yards to the COCOA47, 1ST DOWN COCOA (Deante Bush).
Cocoa 4-7on Cocoa20BradleyCantrell pass intercepted by Javon Bonsell at the COCOA43, Javon Bonsell return to the COCOA9, fumble by Javon Bonsell recovered by RAINES TEAM at COCOA5, out-of-bounds, QB hurry by Deante Bush, PENALTY RAINES roughing passer 15 yards to the COCOA35, 1ST DOWN COCOA, NO PLAY.
Cocoa 3-4on Cocoa23Willie Gaines rush for loss of 3 yards to the COCOA20 (Diop Kee).
Cocoa 2-4on Cocoa23BradleyCantrell pass incomplete (Deante Bush).
Cocoa 2-19on Cocoa08Willie Gaines pass incomplete to Rashean Lynn, PENALTY RAINES pass interference 15 yards to the COCOA23, NO PLAY.
Cocoa 2-14on Cocoa13PENALTY COCOA delay of game 5 yards to the COCOA8.
Cocoa 1-15on Cocoa12Willie Gaines rush for 1 yard to the COCOA13 (Jan. Robertson;Deante Bush).
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa17PENALTY COCOA delay of game 5 yards to the COCOA12.
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa17COCOA drive start at 05:41.
Ishmael Sanders kickoff 47 yards to the COCOA13, Willie Gaines return 4 yards to the COCOA17 (Nigel Allen).
 Drive: 11 plays, 82 yards, TOP 3:25
Raines 13, Cocoa 10
Ishmael Sanders kick attempt good.
Raines 3-Gon Cocoa08Ivory Durham pass complete to Kamaree Noble for 8 yards to the COCOA0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:41.
Raines 2-Gon Cocoa08Ivory Durham pass incomplete to Matt Drayton (Caziah Holmes).
Raines 1-Gon Cocoa09Raynell Killian rush for 1 yard to the COCOA8 (Zach Beagle;Mansa Walston).
Raines 3-13on Cocoa42Ivory Durham pass complete to Raynell Killian for 33 yards to the COCOA9, 1ST DOWN RAINES (Willie Gaines;Caziah Holmes).
Raines 2-10on Cocoa39Raynell Killian rush for loss of 3 yards to the COCOA42 (Howard Stewart).
Raines 1-10on Cocoa39Ivory Durham pass incomplete to Raynell Killian (Dajavon White), QB hurry by Mansa Walston.
Raines 1-10on Cocoa391st and 10.
Raines 1-15on Raines46Raynell Killian rush for no gain to the RAINES46 (Javonn Roberson), PENALTY COCOA face mask 15 yards to the COCOA39, 1ST DOWN RAINES.
Raines 1-10on Cocoa49PENALTY RAINES delay of game 5 yards to the RAINES46.
Raines 1-10on Raines41BrandonMarshall rush for 10 yards to the COCOA49, 1ST DOWN RAINES (Javonn Roberson).
Raines 1-25on Raines411st and 10.
Raines 3-11on Raines17Ivory Durham rush for 39 yards to the COCOA44, 1ST DOWN RAINES, out-of-bounds (Willie Gaines), PENALTY RAINES personal foul 15 yards to the RAINES41.
Raines 2-11on Raines17Ivory Durham pass incomplete to George Webb.
Raines 1-10on Raines18BrandonMarshall rush for loss of 1 yard to the RAINES17 (Howard Stewart).
Raines 1-10on Raines18RAINES drive start at 09:06.
AlexPetruzzello kickoff 42 yards to the RAINES18, downed.
 Drive: 4 plays, 40 yards, TOP 1:55
Cocoa 10, Raines 6
AlexPetruzzello kick attempt good.
Cocoa 3-Gon Raines02Willie Gaines rush for 2 yards to the RAINES0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:06.
Cocoa 3-Gon Raines02Timeout Cocoa, clock 09:11.
Cocoa 2-Gon Raines08Javian Hawkins rush for 6 yards to the RAINES2 (Elijah Spivey;Diop Kee).
Cocoa 1-Gon Raines07Willie Gaines rush for loss of 1 yard to the RAINES8 (Rod.Billingslea;Elijah Spivey).
Cocoa 1-10on Raines40Willie Gaines rush for 33 yards to the RAINES7, 1ST DOWN COCOA (Raynell Killian;Larry Grier).
Cocoa 1-10on Raines40COCOA drive start at 11:01.
 Drive: 4 plays, minus 24 yards, TOP 2:16
Raines 4-51on Raines09Ishmael Sanders punt 31 yards to the RAINES40, fair catch by Willie Gaines.
Raines 4-51on Raines094th and 51.
Raines 3-29on Raines31Ivory Durham sacked for loss of 22 yards to the RAINES9 (Andreal Curry), PENALTY RAINES intentional grounding 0 yards to the RAINES9.
Raines 3-29on Raines31Timeout Raines, clock 11:17.
Raines 3-12on Raines48Ivory Durham pass complete to Matt Drayton for 25 yards to the COCOA27 (Willie Gaines), PENALTY RAINES holding 17 yards to the RAINES31, NO PLAY.
Raines 3-12on Raines48Start of 4th quarter, clock 12:00.