1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Raines vs. Cocoa
  Date: Dec 07, 2017 • Site: Orlando, Fla.

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
Raines 6, Cocoa 0
 Drive: 3 plays, 13 yards, TOP 4:05
Cocoa 2-7on Cocoa40Javian Hawkins rush for no gain to the COCOA40 (Elijah Spivey).
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa37Javian Hawkins rush for 3 yards to the COCOA40 (Jan. Robertson;Juan Westberry).
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa27Javian Hawkins rush for 10 yards to the COCOA37, 1ST DOWN COCOA (Juan Westberry).
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa27COCOA drive start at 01:22.
Ishmael Sanders kickoff 55 yards to the COCOA5, Willie Gaines return 22 yards to the COCOA27 (Taib Roberts;Aric Horne).
 Drive: 1 play, 72 yards, TOP 0:11
Raines 6, Cocoa 0
George Webb pass attempt failed.
Raines 1-10on Raines28BrandonMarshall rush for 72 yards to the COCOA0, 1ST DOWN RAINES, TOUCHDOWN, clock 01:22.
Raines 1-10on Raines28RAINES drive start at 01:33.
 Drive: 4 plays, 6 yards, TOP 2:09
Cocoa 4-14on Cocoa26AlexPetruzzello punt 46 yards to the RAINES28, downed.
Cocoa 3-15on Cocoa25Javian Hawkins rush for 1 yard to the COCOA26 (Elijah Spivey).
Cocoa 2-15on Cocoa25BradleyCantrell pass incomplete to Connor Perrine (Shamar Jackson).
Cocoa 2-10on Cocoa30PENALTY COCOA false start 5 yards to the COCOA25.
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa30Javian Hawkins rush for no gain to the COCOA30 (Deante Bush).
Cocoa 2-5on Cocoa25PENALTY RAINES encroachment 5 yards to the COCOA30, 1ST DOWN COCOA.
Cocoa 2-10on Cocoa20PENALTY RAINES encroachment 5 yards to the COCOA25.
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa20BradleyCantrell pass incomplete to Rashean Lynn.
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa20COCOA drive start at 03:42.
 Drive: 3 plays, 7 yards, TOP 2:37
Raines 4-3on Raines43Ishmael Sanders punt 42 yards to the COCOA15, Willie Gaines return 5 yards to the COCOA20 (Elisha Brown).
Raines 3-4on Raines42BrandonMarshall rush for 1 yard to the RAINES43 (Howard Stewart;John Smith).
Raines 2-21on Raines25Ivory Durham pass complete to George Webb for 17 yards to the RAINES42 (Caziah Holmes;Javonn Roberson).
Raines 1-27on Raines19BrandonMarshall rush for 6 yards to the RAINES25 (Mansa Walston;Lagregory King).
Raines 1-10on Raines36BrandonMarshall rush for 6 yards to the RAINES42 (Zach Beagle), PENALTY RAINES personal foul 17 yards to the RAINES19, NO PLAY.
Raines 1-10on Raines36RAINES drive start at 06:19.
 Drive: 3 plays, 2 yards, TOP 1:54
Cocoa 4-8on Cocoa25AlexPetruzzello punt 39 yards to the RAINES36, George Webb return -5 yards to the RAINES31, PENALTY RAINES illegal block 10 yards to the RAINES21, 1st and 10, RAINES ball on RAINES21, PENALTY COCOA personal foul 15 yards to the RAINES36, 1st and 10, RAINES ball on RAINES36.
Cocoa 3-6on Cocoa27Javian Hawkins rush for loss of 2 yards to the COCOA25 (Shamar Jackson).
Cocoa 2-9on Cocoa24Willie Gaines rush for 3 yards to the COCOA27 (Deante Bush;Larry Grier).
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa23Javian Hawkins rush for 1 yard to the COCOA24 (Elijah Spivey).
Cocoa 1-10on Cocoa23COCOA drive start at 08:13.
 Drive: 11 plays, 44 yards, TOP 3:47
Raines 4-1on Cocoa22BrandonMarshall rush for loss of 1 yard to the COCOA23 (Howard Stewart;Dajavon White).
Raines 3-21on Cocoa42Ivory Durham rush for 20 yards to the COCOA22, out-of-bounds (Rashean Lynn).
Raines 2-11on Cocoa32Ivory Durham sacked for loss of 10 yards to the COCOA42 (Tri. Charles).
Raines 1-10on Cocoa31BrandonMarshall rush for loss of 1 yard to the COCOA32 (Howard Stewart;Lagregory King).
Raines 3-2on Cocoa35BrandonMarshall rush for 4 yards to the COCOA31, 1ST DOWN RAINES (John Smith).
Raines 2-2on Cocoa35Ivory Durham pass incomplete to Jaquez Griffin, QB hurry by Dajavon White.
Raines 1-10on Cocoa43Ivory Durham pass complete to Matt Drayton for 8 yards to the COCOA35 (Javonn Roberson).
Raines 1-10on Raines44BrandonMarshall rush for 13 yards to the COCOA43, 1ST DOWN RAINES (Lagregory King).
Raines 3-17on Raines26Ivory Durham pass complete to Almond Nelson for 18 yards to the RAINES44, 1ST DOWN RAINES, out-of-bounds (John Smith).
Raines 3-6on Raines37Ivory Durham rush for 8 yards to the RAINES45, out-of-bounds, PENALTY RAINES holding 11 yards to the RAINES26, NO PLAY.
Raines 2-10on Raines33Ivory Durham pass complete to Matt Drayton for 4 yards to the RAINES37, out-of-bounds (John Smith).
Raines 1-10on Raines33Ivory Durham pass incomplete to Kamaree Noble.
AlexPetruzzello kickoff 27 yards to the RAINES33, fair catch by Jaquez Griffin.
Raines 1-10on Raines40COCOA ball on COCOA40.
Cocoa wins toss and defers. Raines to defend north end zone.
Cocoa captains: #2, #3, #6, #56
Raines captains: #1, #2, #3, #6