Baseball Advisory Committee

August 21, 2006 • 10 a.m.
Robert W. Hughes FHSAA Building
Gainesville, Florida

Paul McLaughlin called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. The following committee members were in attendance: Carlan Martin, Marianna HS; Roger Mayo, Escambia HS (Pensacola); David Wheeler, Bishop Moore HS (Orlando); Scott Grove, Timber Creek HS (Orlando); Clyde Metcalf, Sarasota HS; K. B. Scull, Bloomingdale HS (Valrico); Jerry Albert, Coral Springs Charter School; Pat McQuaid, Nova HS (Davie); and John Crumbley, FACA, Jesuit HS (Tampa). Denarvise Thornton, Sr. Director of Athletics & Officials, Paul McLaughlin, Director of Athletics, Gary Pigott, Associate Director of Athletics, Jamie Watkins, Associate Director of Athletics, Alex Bouldrick, Intern, and Justin Johns, Intern also attended the meeting.

1. Mr. McLaughlin welcomed the committee members to the FHSAA Office. He explained the procedure for completing the expense vouchers.

2. Mr. McLaughlin gave the committee members an overview of the purpose of the meeting and the recommendation process was explained in detail.

3. Each committee member introduced themselves and verified their e-mail address.

4. Pat McQuaid, Nova High School, was selected chairman by a unanimous vote.

5. The minutes from the 2005 meeting were reviewed in detail and accepted as presented.

6. General comments regarding the 2005-06 FHSAA Baseball Manual were positive. The layout and format was considered “excellent” by the committee.

7. The 2006 state baseball tournament was discussed. Game stats from the tournament were reviewed. T-shirts for the student-athletes is a plus. The umpire evaluation system was praised by the coaches.

8. The National Federation baseball rules were discussed. The FHSAA has not received the NFHS rules changes for 2007.

9. Old Business:
Detailed information regarding all recommendations can be found on the attachments to these minutes. Strikethrough text is current wording to be deleted and underlined text in new wording being added.

2004 RECOMMENDATION #2: It was moved by Mr. McQuaid seconded by Mr. Metcalf and carried unanimously to Reword 205.03 (2) (Region Tournament) to read “Finals—Best 2 of 3 game series as follows: Tuesday, May 6, 2008 A doubleheader beginning at 4 p.m. with the 2nd game of the doubleheader beginning 30 minutes after the first game ends. If a third deciding game is necessary it shall be played Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at the site of the visiting team in the first two games.” Also, modify Policy 14 in the FHSAA Handbook by adding D. Baseball—The facility for regional final series must have lights and a minimum seating capacity of 500 seats for Classes 4A-6A and 250 seats for Classes 1A-3A.

It was moved by Mr. Scull seconded by Mr. Metcalf and carried 7-2 to support the basketball advisory committee recommendation to change the names of each round of the regional tournament to Sub-regional, Regional, and Sectional.

10. New Business:
A. It was moved by Mr. Crumbly seconded by Mr. Wheeler and carried unanimously to modify the penalty for NFHS Rule 3-1-1. “For discovery of an illegal player (2-36-3) on offense by an umpire or either team, that player shall be called out and shall be ejected restricted to the bench/dugout for the duration of the game. An illegal player discovered on defense shall be ejected restricted to the bench/dugout for the duration of the game….”
B. The committee did not think it was necessary to adjust the FHSAA calendar for baseball even though the state legislature is attempting to mandate the starting date of school for school districts.

11. Denarvise Thornton stated that the number of baseball coaches ejected is nearly as great as the number of soccer coaches ejected. Baseball coaches who are not faculty members seem to have a higher incidence of ejections as compared to faculty coaches. Several bench-clearing situations from 2006 were discussed. He pointed out that coaches need to understand that there are consequences for unsportsmanlike actions.

12. Open agenda. These items were addressed.
• Number of baseball games permitted by the FHSAA.
• Representative Assembly “recruiting rule” restricting transfer students to one year of junior varsity competition if a student transfers schools without a corresponding change of address. There is a task force hearing in Tampa on August 29 at Berkeley Prep beginning at 1 p.m.
• Denarvise Thornton briefly discussed the possibility of adding a baseball umpire to the baseball advisory committee.
• Denarvise Thornton discussed materials that baseball coaches could utilize which have been sent to each school athletic director. These include: “Hard Work Campaign” (anti steroid campaign) and a hydration video.
• Denarvise Thornton reviewed new FHSAA policies 23-25.

13. Paul McLaughlin reminded those committee members whose terms are expiring that the deadline for possible successors to complete declaration of candidacy forms is Dec. 18, 2006. The declaration of candidacy forms should be available on the FHSAA web site in early December. In conclusion, Paul McLaughlin thanked everyone for their input. Mr. McQuaid adjourned the meeting at 12:16 pm.