Baseball Advisory Committee

August 22, 2005 • 10 a.m.
Robert W. Hughes FHSAA Building
Gainesville, Florida

Paul McLaughlin called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. The following committee members were in attendance: Ronnie Gray, Suwannee HS (Live Oak); Roger Mayo, Escambia HS (Pensacola); Scott Grove, Timber Creek HS (Orlando); Pete Post, Boone HS (Orlando); K. B. Scull, Bloomingdale HS (Valrico); Jerry Albert, Coral Springs Charter School; John Crumbley, FACA & Jesuit HS (Tampa). John A. Stewart, Commissioner; Sonny Hester, Sr. Director of Athletic Operations & Officials; and Paul McLaughlin, Director of Athletics, also attended the meeting. Ron Nipper, Lakeland HS and Rich Hofman, Westminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale) were absent.

1. Mr. McLaughlin welcomed the committee members to the FHSAA Office. He explained the procedure for completing the expense vouchers.

2. Mr. McLaughlin gave the committee members an overview of the purpose of the meeting and the recommendation process was explained in detail.

3. Each committee member introduced themselves and verified their e-mail address.

4. Ronnie Gray, Suwannee HS, was selected chairman by a unanimous vote.

5. The minutes from the 2004 meeting were reviewed in detail and accepted as presented.

6. General comments regarding the 2004-05 FHSAA Baseball Manual were positive. Mr. McLaughlin indicated that the following items will be included in the 2005-06 FHSAA Baseball Manual:
(a) Sub-varsity time limit which was passed by the FHSAA Board in January 2005 and was effective last season and later modified by the Board at their June 2005 meeting,
(b) A.E.D. requirement for all state series contests, and
(c) the online rules meeting requirement.
It was pointed out by Mr. Scull that there was an error in the new FHSAA pocket calendars distributed to coaches. January 30 reads “Fall sports online rules meetings…” and it should obviously read “Spring sports.…”.

7. The 2005 state baseball tournament was discussed. The City of Sarasota was praised for the job done in hosting the event and the respect shown the game. Mr. McLaughlin asked the committee their thoughts on adding a home run derby to the state tournament. The members of the committee were unanimous in their opposition to a home run derby. Some of the reasons stated include: the focus should be on the TEAM; it would take away from the state tournament; costs for players from non-participating teams; and it will not increase spectator attendance. While the student-athletes would enjoy it, it would be better suited for adding it to an all-star game weekend.

8. The National Federation baseball rules were discussed. Mr. McLaughlin shared the NFHS rules changes for 2005. He made specific emphasis on the change to the pitcher’s glove (allowing multi-colored gloves) and the change to 3-3-1a which adds a penalty for a player, coach, etc. if they enter the playing field for an unauthorized purpose. Also, there was unanimous agreement not to change any of the “by state association adoption” rules.

9. Old Business:
Detailed information regarding all recommendations can be found on the attachments to these minutes. Strikethrough text is current wording to be deleted and underlined text is new wording being added.

2004 RECOMMENDATION #2: It was moved by Mr. Crumbly seconded by Mr. Mayo and carried unanimously to reword s.205 (District and Region Tournaments) to read “…The district and region tournaments shall be played in a double-elimination format with only the district champion advancing to the regional tournament. Each district shall decide if the top 3 or 4 teams advance to the district tournament."

2003 RECOMMENDATION #1 [tabled at FHSAA Board Meeting in October 2004]: It was moved by Mr. Post seconded by Mr. Grove and carried unanimously to reword s.3.010 (Season) to read “…to include 25 games playing dates with a maximum of 3 doubleheaders (doubleheaders are allowable only on dates when there is no school the next day). These 25 games playing dates shall include any and all games played in regular season tournaments.”

10. New Business.
A. Gross Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty: It was moved by Mr. Crumbly seconded by Mr. Scull and carried unanimously to modify Policy 30 on Unsportsmanlike Conduct as follows: Reduce to the fourth (from fifth) GUC disqualification and add language so that it would be the fourth such instance rather than just the fourth GUC ejection. This eliminates the possibility that one bench clearing incident with four players ejected could end the season for a team.

B. Future Meeting Date: The committee was not receptive to the idea of meeting in Gainesville the week after the state tournament next May. There are too many conflicts with end-of-the-year activities at their schools. The committee suggested an alternative date of the Tuesday morning of the state tournament in Sarasota.

11. Sonny Hester stated that he hopes ejections can be decreased. He pointed out that coaches need to understand that there are consequences for unsportsmanlike actions.

12. Paul McLaughlin stated that the ball contract with Spalding would end after the 2006 state tournament. He distributed sample Worth baseballs to the committee members in attendance for them to field test. Each committee member in attendance received an FHSAA identification badge/mini-wallet as a memento.

13. Paul McLaughlin reminded those committee members whose terms are expiring that the deadline for possible successors to complete declaration of candidacy forms is Jan. 17, 2006. The declaration of candidacy forms should be available on the FHSAA web site in December.

In conclusion, Paul McLaughlin thanked everyone for their input. Mr. Gray adjourned the meeting at 12:15 p.m.