Baseball Advisory Committee

August 31, 2004 • 10 a.m.
FHSAA Headquarters
Gainesville, Florida

Paul McLaughlin called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. The following committee members were in attendance: Ronnie Gray, Suwannee HS (Live Oak); Roger Mayo, Escambia HS (Pensacola); Scott Grove, Timber Creek HS (Orlando); Ron Nipper, Lakeland HS; K. B. Scull, Bloomingdale HS (Valrico); Jerry Albert, Coral Springs Charter School; Rich Hofman, Westminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale); and John Crumbley, FACA, Jesuit HS (Tampa). John Stewart, Associate Commissioner and Paul McLaughlin, Director of Athletics, also attended the meeting.

1. Mr. McLaughlin welcomed the committee members to the FHSAA Office. He explained the procedure for completing the expense vouchers.

2. Mr. McLaughlin gave the committee members an overview of the purpose of the meeting and the recommendation process was explained in detail.

3. Each committee member introduced themselves and verified their e-mail address.

4. Rich Hoffman, Westminster Academy, was selected chairman by a unanimous vote. Motion Mr. Gray, seconded by Mr. Scull.

5. The minutes from the 2003 meeting were reviewed in detail and accepted as presented.

6. General comments regarding the 2003-04 FHSAA Baseball Manual were positive. Mr. McLaughlin indicated that the districts will be listed for each classification in the 2004-05 manual.

7. The 2004 state baseball tournament was discussed. Mr. McLaughlin reviewed the RFP process that the FHSAA is currently undergoing to find a host for the 2005 FHSAA Baseball Finals. He listed the areas of the state that requested information to host the tournament.
2004-RECOMMENDATION #1: It was moved by Mr. Scull seconded by Mr. Crumbley and carried unanimously to move the entire baseball season up one week. Detailed information regarding all recommendations can be found on the attachments to these minutes. Strikethrough text is current wording to be deleted and underlined text in new wording being added.

8. The National Federation baseball rules were discussed. Mr. McLaughlin shared the NFHS rules changes for 2004. He made specific emphasis on the pitcher’s shoulder turn from the stretch position no longer being called a balk. Also, there was unanimous agreement not to change any of the “by state association adoption” rules.

9. Old Business:
2003 RECOMMENDATION #1: It was moved by Mr. Grove seconded by Mr. Mayo and carried unanimously to Reword 3.010 (Season) to read “…to include 25 games playing dates with a maximum of 3 doubleheaders. These 25 games playing dates shall include any and all games played in regular season tournaments.”

2003 RECOMMENDATION #2: Withdrawn.

10. New Business.
2004 RECOMMENDATION #2: It was moved by Mr. Gray seconded by Mr. Grove and carried unanimously to reword 205 (District and Region Tournaments) to read “…The district and region tournaments shall be played in a double-elimination format with only the district champion advancing to the regional tournament. Each district shall decide if the top 3 or 4 teams advance to the district tournament.

11. Mr. McLaughlin stated that ejections of coaches for both regular ejections and gross unsportsmanlike ejections were again higher during the 2004 baseball season than the previous year. For the most part, head coaches are not the problem; it is the assistant coaches and JV coaches.

12. Discussion was also held on the following items:
a) The district scheduling/planning meeting window should be reduced to a one-week window as opposed to the existing 2-week window.

13. In conclusion, both Rich Hoffman and Paul McLaughlin thanked everyone for their input. Mr. Hoffman adjourned the meeting at 12:25 p.m.