Baseball Advisory Committee

September 3, 2003 • 10 a.m.
FHSAA Headquarters
Gainesville, Florida

Paul McLaughlin called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. The following committee members were in attendance: Ronnie Gray, Suwannee High School (Live Oak), Carlan Martin, Marianna High School, Jim Gawriluk, Deltona High School, David Lee, Leesburg High School, Ron Nipper, Lakeland High School, Jon Zaborowski, Lakeland Christian, Rich Hofman, Westminster Academy (Ft. Lauderdale), John Crumbley, FACA, Jesuit High School (Tampa). John A. Stewart, Associate Commissioner and Paul K. McLaughlin, Director of Athletics, also attended the meeting. Raul Hernandez, Summit Christian (West Palm Beach) was absent from the meeting.

1. Mr. McLaughlin welcomed the committee members to the FHSAA Office. He explained the procedure for completing the expense vouchers.

2. Mr. McLaughlin gave the committee members a tour of the Robert W. Hughes Building.

3. Mr. McLaughlin gave the committee members an overview of the purpose of the meeting.

4. Each committee member introduced themselves.

5. Jim Gawriluk, Deltona High School, was selected chairman by a unanimous vote.

6. It was moved by Mr. Crumbley, seconded by Mr. Zaborowski and carried unanimously to adopt the agenda as submitted.

7. The minutes from the 2002 meeting were reviewed in detail. The question was raised as to why there was a reduction in the number of contests and why the 2002 recommendation for “playing dates” as opposed to “games” was not approved. The committee also discussed the change in the A/B rule, which was implemented last year. None of the committee members were aware of problems with this change in policy.

8. General comments regarding the 2002-03 FHSAA Baseball Manual were very positive. Mr. Lee commented that the manual “Is tremendous as is.”

9. The 2003 state baseball tournament was discussed. The ten-day wait from the regional championship game to the state semifinal game for class 5A and class 6A schools was identified as a weakness. However, no solutions were found without compromising other benefits of the existing format (all games played at Legends Field and a first class souvenir program with all teams listed). The question was raised as to why the home team was predetermined rather than have a district champion be the home team if they were playing a district runner-up. Mr. McLaughlin answered that all teams that reach the state tournament are regional champions and the district result is no longer applicable.

10. The National Federation baseball rules were discussed. There was unanimous agreement not to change any of the “by state association adoption” rules. Mr. McLaughlin also shared the NFHS rules changes for 2004. He made specific emphasis on the non-wood bat requirement, which takes effect in 2006.

11. New Business. Detailed information regarding all recommendations can be found on the attachments to these minutes. Strikethrough text is current wording to be deleted and underlined text in new wording being added.
RECOMMENDATION #1: It was moved by Mr. Lee seconded by Mr. Crumbley and carried unanimously to Reword 3.010 (Season) to read “…to include 25 games playing dates, a maximum of 3 doubleheaders and a limit of two tournaments with each tournament counting as two playing dates. These 25 games include any and all games played in regular season tournaments.”

RECOMMENDATION #2: It was moved by Mr. Gray seconded by Mr. Crumbley and carried unanimously to add to 2.010 (Practice) “Fall practice is confined to a maximum of 20 sessions and must be conducted exclusively during the month of October.”

12. Mr. McLaughlin stated that ejections of coaches for both regular ejections and gross unsportsmanlike ejections were significantly higher during the 2003 baseball season. An ejection summary for the 2002-03 school year was distributed. For the most part, head coaches are not the problem; it is the assistant coaches.

13. Discussion was also held on the following items:
a) Revising the district and regional playoff format. Under the current system, a team can win the regional tournament with one strong pitcher. The coaches will discuss this item at the December FACA clinic and present a plan for consideration at the 2004 Baseball Coaches Advisory Committee Meeting.

14. In conclusion, Paul McLaughlin thanked out-going committee members Carlan Martin, David Lee, and Jon Zaborowski for their years of service on the committee. He stated that the declaration of candidacy forms would be available on the web site in November and asked the committee members to urge other coaches to be a part of the committee. Mr. Gawriluk adjourned the meeting at 12:20 p.m.