Baseball Advisory Committee

August 29, 2001 • 10 a.m.
FHSAA Headquarters
Gainesville, Florida

The meeting was called to order by Paul McLaughlin at 10:00 a.m. The following committee members were in attendance: Fred Burnside, Miami Southridge High School; Charlie Cardinale, Cooper City High School; Tim Gillis, Okeechobee High School; Greg Jones, Chiles High School; Frank Permuy, Gaither High School; Pete Post, Boone High School (Orlando); David Saliba, Winter Haven High School; Wayne Yancey, Forest High School (Ocala); Charlie Warner, Pace High School; and Paul McLaughlin, FHSAA staff. FHSAA Commissioner Bob Hughes, FHSAA Associate Commissioner Ron Allen, and Associate Director of Athletics Gary Pigott were also in attendance.

1. Mr. Hughes welcomed the committee members to the FHSAA office. He thanked them for their input and wished them a successful year.

2. Mr. McLaughlin gave the committee members an overview of the purpose of the meeting and reviewed some of the past accomplishments of the committee since its inception. Tim Gillis, Okeechobee High School, was selected chairman (motion Mr. Permuy, second Mr. Cardinale) by a unanimous declaration.

3. Mr. McLaughlin explained the procedure for completing the expense vouchers.

4. Committee members introduced themselves.

5 It was moved by Mr. Jones, seconded by Mr. Permuy and carried unanimously to adopt the agenda as submitted.

6 The existing FHSAA Baseball Manual was discussed in general. The coaches made no recommendations for change to the manual and praised the FHSAA by stating “this publication gets better every year.”

7. The 2001 state series baseball tournament was briefly discussed. Mr. Gillis stated the tournament was “the greatest thing in the world.” Other coaches said that the staff at Legends Field was very cordial and that they bent over backwards to run a first class tournament.

8. National Federation Rules "by state association adoption" were reviewed with no recommendation for change. Mr. McLaughlin also reviewed the NFHS Baseball Rules Changes for 2002.

9. Old Business:

A. It was moved by Mr. Burnside, seconded by Mr. Cardinale to give each district a choice between (1) reward the district champion by giving the district champion an automatic berth in the regional tournament series or (2) leave the district tournament as it is, i.e. all teams play for the two regional tournament berths. Defeated 6-3.

B. It was moved by Mr. Jones, seconded by Mr. Cardinale and carried unanimously to recommend the season begin one week earlier on week #29.

10. Mr. Allen reviewed the player and coach ejection history with the committee. He also reviewed the definition of Gross Unsportsmanlike Conduct as found in the FHSAA Handbook. He emphasized the new penalty regarding the ejection of a coach. He told the coaches that the behavior of assistant baseball coaches continues to be a major problem. Mr. Allen reviewed the importance of head coaches attending coaches’ meetings that are held prior to the state tournament. In conclusion, he requested the coaches assistance in encouraging seniors to pursue umpiring as an avocation once their playing days are concluded. Mr. Gillis stated that coaches are in favor of the head coach being required to attend these meetings. Also, Mr. Gillis praised many of the veteran umpires for the job they do.

11. Open Discussion was held on the following topics:

A. Students changing schools: Mr. Allen urged the coaches to get involved and let Dr. Boyd know of any irregularities they observe.

B. The two-year time frame needed to get most recommendations passed.

C. Establishing a double elimination format for district and/or regional play.

D. Several NFHS rules; notably, coaches staying in the coaching box, force play slide rule, pitching rules from the set position, and sportsmanship relative to the position of one team while the other team takes infield practice.

12. In conclusion, Mr. McLaughlin thanked the committee for their valuable input. Mr. McLaughlin also thanked outgoing committee members Mr. Cardinale, Mr. Permuy, Mr. Yancey, and Mr. Warner for their years of service to this committee. Mr. Gillis adjourned the meeting at 11:55 a.m.