Baseball Advisory Committee

August 27, 2007 • 10 a.m.
Robert W. Hughes FHSAA Building
Gainesville, Florida

1. Introductions, purpose, e-mail addresses

2. Review Procedures, agenda, expense vouchers

3. Selection of chairperson

4. Review of 2006 committee minutes [2004 RECOMMENDATION #2 passed by FHSAA BOD with staff adjustment]
1. MOTION by Greer, SECOND by McKeon to approve a recommendation to implement a two-year experiment with a best-of-3 regional tournament final series during 2008 and 2009 seasons, with Games 1 and 2 on Tuesday beginning at 4 p.m. and Game 3, if necessary, on Wednesday, with all games at the same site – the host team is the designated “home” team in Game 1, the visiting school is the designated “home” team in Game 2, and a coin toss determines the designated “home” team in Game 3, with the host school having choice of dugout in all games. CARRIED.

5. Review of existing FHSAA Baseball Manual

6. 2007 State Tournament Review

7. National Federation Rules
a. 2007 NFHS Changes
b. “by state association adoption”

8. Old Business—
A. modify the penalty for NFHS Rule 3-1-1. “For discovery of an illegal player (2-36-3) on offense by an umpire or either team, that player shall be called out and shall be ejected restricted to the bench/dugout for the duration of the game. An illegal player discovered on defense shall be ejected restricted to the bench/dugout for the duration of the game….”

9. New Business
A. Delete –3 requirement for bats used in middle school games. [Affects NFHS Baseball Rules 1-3-2 & 1-3-4]
B. [no other recommendations received as of Aug, 13, 2007]

10. FACA Recommendations—none submitted as of Aug, 13, 2007

11. Sportsmanship Update

12. Open Agenda

13. Adjournment