Baseball Advisory Committee

August 21, 2006 • 10 a.m.
Robert W. Hughes FHSAA Building
Gainesville, Florida

1. Introductions, purpose, e-mail addresses

2. Review Procedures, agenda, expense vouchers

3. Selection of chairperson

4. Review of 2005 committee minutes [2004 RECOMMENDATION #1 passed by FHSAA BOD as part of calendar revision for 2005-06]

5. Review of existing FHSAA Baseball Manual
a. Region terminology

6. 2006 State Tournament Review

7. National Federation Rules
a. 2007 NFHS Changes [not received as of Aug. 9, 2006]
b. “by state association adoption”

8. Old Business—no recommendations from 2005 meeting.

9. New Business
a. Consideration of penalty for illegal player to be changed to “Restricted to the bench/dugout.” [by Mariner High School]
b. With the change in dates for the start of school, should the baseball season be adjusted?
c. [no other recommendations received as of Aug. 9, 2006]

10. FACA Recommendations—none submitted as of Aug. 9, 2006

11. Sportsmanship Update

12. Open Agenda

13. Adjournment