Baseball Advisory Committee

September 5, 2002 • 10 a.m.
FHSAA Headquarters
Gainesville, Florida

1. Introductions, purpose, e-mail addresses

2. Review Procedures, agenda, expense vouchers

3. Selection of chairperson

4. Review of 2001 committee minutes

5. Review of existing FHSAA Baseball Manual

RECOMMENDATION: Reword 3.020 (Squad Participation) to read “A student who participates in an interscholastic contest in baseball as a member of the varsity team may not participate as a member of the junior varsity, junior high or other team, or vice versa, until the day following such participation.” [instead of 3rd day]

6. 2002 State Tournament Review

7. National Federation Rules

a. “by state association adoption”

b. 2003 NFHS Changes

8. Old Business—No carryover recommendations from 2001 meeting

9. FACA recommendations (none submitted as of August 26, 2002)

10. Sportsmanship Update

11. Open Agenda

12. Adjournment