2020 FIAAA Annual State Conference


The FIAAA is proud to launch a new system called AMP to boost membership, improve communicationstreamline events and centralize payments. AMP, Association Management Platform, was designed by FinalForms in order to empower both Association leadership and members with useful features.

Ohio, Indiana, California, Washington, New York, North Carolina and Michigan are using AMP’s revolutionary features to achieve record membership, event attendance and LTI participation. We look forward to joining this group, as a leader, to provide a first-class membership experience for all of our Athletic Administrators.

First and foremost, the #1-member benefit enhances communication throughout the state. Members will be able to contact other members by individual email or group (Member Type, Section, District) email. Think of the possibilities: Open Dates, Equipment, Coaching Openings, etc.

Beyond communication, membership, event registration and payments (online or check) will be run through the FIAAA AMP. LTI will also be managed and coordinated with the NIAAA via AMP. 

IMPORTANT: The ‘FIAAA AMP Mailman’ will send you an email. 

  1. Click the ‘click here to confirm your account’ link
  2. Enter and confirm your password
  3. Login to AMP to:
    1. Renew/Pay NIAAA Membership
    2. View/Update Forms (contact information, school, section, district, etc.)
    3. Register for Events 
    4. Communicate with fellow Athletic Administrators

Also, the following are detailed directions to guide you through the online registration process for the three events we currently have posted.

1. Locate the "My Events" section on your account page

2. To the right of the "My Events" row, click on the "Register for Events" button

3. Find the FIAAA event you want to register for and click on the "Register" button next to the event

4. You will be taken to the cost and fees page, Click the "Yes Register" button and this will take you to the registration form

5. Complete the registration form of the event(s) you are registering for and when the form is complete, type your name in the signature field and submit the form

You will be taken to the checkout page where you can download a “Generated Invoice” if needed for your Treasurer's Office and/or to mail with a check payment.  You can also choose to pay online by credit card.

For more information, contact Mike Colby at mlcolby50 [at] outlook [dot] com.