Memo to ADs Regarding Media and Softball


This message is to clarify new NFHS Softball Rule 1-1-7 regarding media at softball. The rule states “Media shall be prohibited from being in live-ball area. The home team or game management may designate an area for the media in dead-ball territory.”

The FHSAA would like to make it abundantly clear host school contest managers (Principal, AD, etc…) should create a media box in foul territory (past first and third base) using chalk or spray paint. PLEASE pass this memo on to your coaches and let them know by creating a media box in foul territory, that box immediately becomes a dead-ball territory whether it is occupied or not. This is no different than what FHSAA baseball contest managers have done for years and is exactly what the FHSAA does at the Florida High School Softball State Championships.

Media members are encouraged to reach out to host contest managers in advance to make plans.

This has been communicated to media members, softball coaches, umpire association presidents and umpire booking commissioners statewide.

Please help the media do their job and cover your schools to the best of their ability. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.