MUST READ: Change in Eligibility Status & Academic Performance Contract

Change in Eligibility Status

In accordance with FHSAA Bylaw 9.4.6, a student whose academic eligibility changes at the conclusion of the semester, will become eligible or ineligible on the sixth day of the next semester.

Home Campus has provided an override of the GPA requirement for those students who met the first semester attendance exception outlined in FHSAA Bylaw (first semester 6th and 9th graders). Due to the varying semester dates throughout the state, this override will be active until February 12, 2018. Because of this override, students will show up in your database as eligible (green), even if they have fallen below the 2.0 GPA requirement. If your semester concludes prior to this date, it is your responsibility to remove any academically ineligible students from an active roster on or before the sixth day of the new semester. On February 12, 2018 any academically ineligible student will be automatically removed from an active roster. Should you inadvertently allow an academically ineligible student to participate, please self-report the incident using the web form at the following link:

Academic Performance Contract

With the conclusion of the first semester, now is the time to have any 9th grade student whose cumulative GPA has fallen below a 2.0 to complete an Academic Performance Contract (EL5). In doing so, after not participating during the semester of ineligibility, the student may potentially be permitted to participate in interscholastic athletic competition, if all terms of the contract are met.

Please contact compliance [at] fhsaa [dot] org if you have any questions regarding Bylaw, Bylaw or Bylaw 9.4.6.