Memo For ADs Regarding State Series Credentialing and Broadcasting


As a reminder, The FHSAA only issues credentials for the Florida High School State Championships. Host schools are responsible for issuing credentials at the district, regional and applicable state semifinal levels when not held in conjunction with the FHSAA State Championships. Media outlets must be vetted in advance by the host before being issued credentials and must provide credible media identification upon arrival at the venue.


  • 44.2 Student-based Media. Credential requests from a member school to the Florida High School State Championships must be submitted by the Athletic Director. Credentials will be limited to three (3). One (1) for an active student reporter, one (1) for an active student photographer and one (1) for a school faculty member to serve in a supervisory capacity over that student. Credentials will only be issued for the purpose of reporting on the event.
  • 44.2.1 Member school photographers will not be permitted. The official photographer of the FHSAA will provide a maximum of five (5) complimentary professional photographs to any requesting school from the Florida High School State Championship event in which the member school is competing. All photo requests must be submitted to the official photographer of the FHSAA, in writing, not less than 72 hours prior to the start of the event. These photos are only to be used in the member school’s publications (yearbook, newspaper, newsletters) and corresponding internet platforms (websites, social media). Use of the provided images must include photo credit to the official photographer of the FHSAA.


Any school or media outlet wishing to broadcast a contest in the FHSAA State Series *MUST* submit an AT11 and be granted rights by the FHSAA no later than 3 p.m. on the business day preceding the first date of the state series event.

A host school principal or contest manager who permits the broadcast of an FHSAA State Series contest that has not been approved by the FHSAA will subject his/her school, organization or facility to a monetary penalty to include payment of the appropriate rights fees and, for member schools, a financial assessment in the amount of $50 per game broadcast.

Schools who are not members of the NFHS Network Student Broadcast Program are subject to the same fees as media outlets.

Per FHSAA Policy 44, Authorized working personnel employed by an outlet which has been approved to broadcast a Florida High School State Championship Series contest *MUST* be admitted to the facility without charge upon presentation of proper identification and FHSAA approved media rights. State series hosts must notify the FHSAA seven days before the start of postseason play if they have banned any broadcasting outlets from their campus.