Sept. 8 Hurricane Irma Update

Dear Member Schools,

With Hurricane Irma expected to make landfall in our state this weekend, we understand the ramifications the next few days could bring to your school, your community and your family. With all 793 member schools focusing on preparation for the storm, it is important to remind ourselves that the safety, security and well-being of our friends, loved ones and those we lead should be our top priority. We are extremely grateful a large number of you have opened up your athletic facilities as shelters this weekend. As an extended family, we ask that every school in the state unite during these times and help each other in every possible way. While the FHSAA offices in Gainesville will be closed from noon Friday to noon Tuesday, we want all of you to know we will still be accessible via email (barring power outages) to communicate with you. Please continue to check Twitter (@FHSAA), and your email inbox next week for real-time updates from the FHSAA as we assist with relief efforts to aid those impacted by this life-threatening storm. Be safe.