FHSAA Board of Directors Recap For September Meeting

GAINESVILLE, FL (9/26/16) – The Florida High School Athletic Association’s Board of Directors approved several action items Monday morning at its Board meeting.

The Board passed a resolution for assistance for the Louisiana High School Athletic Association in the amount of $50,000. The donation will help the FHSAA's sister association, which received more than $300,000 in building contents damage. In other financial news, the Board approved the 2016-17 budget.

Along with the new football playoff format being given the green light, the new baseball pitching restriction policies for the upcoming season were announced. The policies come two months after the National Federation of State High School Associations mandated each member state association to develop its own pitching restriction policy based on the number of pitches thrown during a game. The FHSAA's policies were shaped by MLB Pitch Smart, a MLB and USA Baseball initiative to help young players reduce arm injuries by providing a comprehensive resource for safe pitching practices.

The Board also accepted the annual report for the FHSAA's Public Liaison Advisory Committee.

In an update on the search for a new executive director, Board President Mark Marsala announced the Board would advertise the position again in the month of October, since the timing was not ideal when the job was first posted this past summer. Current Executive Director Dr. Roger Dearing indicated his willingness to delay his retirement plans until the FHSAA finds a suitable replacement.