Board of Directors adopts first-ever strategic plan for FHSAA

TAMPA – The Florida High School Athletic Association Board of Directors today adopted the FHSAA's first-ever strategic plan, which outlines the association's goals and objectives for the next four years.

"This plan is the product of many hours of reflection, collaboration and thought on the part of the FHSAA Board of Directors and staff," said Commissioner John A. Stewart. "It lays out a road map to what we all believe will be an even brighter future for the FHSAA and, more importantly, the student-athletes who represent our member schools. It will be an exciting challenge for the staff to implement this plan over the next four years."

The plan consists of five broad goals in the following areas: the role interscholastic athletics play in education; the student-athlete experience; the image of the Association and interscholastic athletics; the ownership of the Association; and the effective leadership of the Association.

Dave Horner, athletic director of Forest High School in Ocala, was elected as the board's president fo the 2005-06 school year. Jeff Malloy, athletic director of Oak Hall School in Gainesville, was elected as vice-president.

"I'm excited about this upcoming year, my upcoming presidency and working with this Board," said Horner. "I'm also looking forward to working with the administration and staff of the FHSAA. I know it will be a great year."

In other action, the Board of Directors:

• Approved the establishment of a $100 administrative fee for affiliate member senior high schools and middle schools who are permitted by the Commissioner to file for new membership after the August 1 deadline.

• Approved an amendment to the state series pass policy, requiring that state series passes ordered by member schools be imprinted with the names of the personnel to which they are to be issued, except that any member school that orders between two and nine passes may order one generic pass with no specific name imprinted on it; orders of 10, 15 and 20 passes could receive three, four and five generic passes respectively.

• Approved the assessment of a $10 processing fee for all contest officials registrations filed on paper.

• Approved an increase in the officials registration fee by $2 to cover the increase in the NFOA membership dues and insurance premium.

• Approved preliminary budgets for the FHSAA and the FHSAA Land Corporation for the 2005-06 fiscal year.

• Approved a recommendation from the Basketball Advisory Committee to create a new guideline recommending that game officials should not officiate more than two consecutive games in one day or night.

• Approved recommendations from the Soccer Advisory Committee to eliminate the step involving the average points of all games played from the district tournament seeding policy, and to allow a one-minute timeout in each half for re-hydration of players and for coaches to deal with player situations.

• Approved a recommendation from the Wrestling Advisory Committee to require visual electronic clocks be used and strongly recommend that adults work the table at each meet in all state series tournaments.

• Approved recommendations of the Athletic Directors Advisory Committee to permit schools the option of agreeing in contract to play 30-minute halves in sub-varsity soccer games per NFHS rule by state association adoption, and to amend the time limitation previously established for sub-varsity baseball games to make an exception for games impacted by weather delays, games that are not followed by a varsity game and games played on a Saturday.

• Approved a staff recommendation that the availability of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) be required at all FHSAA State Series games, tournaments and meets, and a strong recommendation that they be available at all preseason and regular season events.

• Approved a staff recommendation to begin the process of registering officials in the sport swimming & diving.

• Approved a staff recommendation to amend the "Inclement Weather Policy for Outdoor Contests," adding "or designee" whenever the principal is referenced.

• Approved a staff recommendation to institute a year-to-year rotation rather than blind draw for state quarterfinal pairings in recognized sports invitational state series.

• Approved a staff recommendation to permit districts in recognized sports invitational state series to determine a maximum of two play dates during the designated week to conduct their district tournaments rather than being limited to Saturday only.

• Approved a change in the date of the June 2006 Board of Directors meeting to June 1-2.

The Florida High School Athletic Association is the governing body for interscholastic athletic competition in Florida. It has a membership of more than 700 middle, junior and senior high schools.

The FHSAA Board of Directors is the executive authority of the Association, establishing guidelines, regulations, policies and procedures within the framework of the Association’s bylaws. The Board of Directors also has the sole authority over all terms and conditions of participation and competition in the FHSAA state championship series. The Board of Directors meets five times annually. Its next meeting is Sept. 25-26, 2005 at the Robert W. Hughes FHSAA Building in Gainesville.

Jack Watford
Director of Communications, FHSAA
(352) 372-9551 ext. 170
jwatford [at] fhsaa [dot] org