FHSAA Internship Program


The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) supervises and regulates interscholastic athletic programs for high school students at member public, private and charter schools. The organization also recognizes and honors academic achievement among student-athletes at nearly 800 middle, junior and senior high schools statewide. Headquartered in Gainesville, it is the official governing body for interscholastic athletics in Florida. 


Each semester the FHSAA offers multiple positions across (3) three departments during the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms to current college students. These full-time (40 hrs. per week) positions are available within each of the Administrative Services, Athletic Services, and Eligibility & Compliance Departments for students seeking college and/or course credit*. The program is designed to introduce young professionals to careers in the fields of sport management, event planning, marketing/media relations, along with the due process system of a membership driven organization. In addition to networking opportunities, all interns will gain an understanding of the everchanging landscape of high school athletics through a first-hand experience in the preparation for events and adminstrative meetings. 


Administrative Services Department

  • Assist with daily duties in marketing, public relations, and member management
  • Assist in managing the FHSAA on each of its social media platforms
  • Write press releases and feature stories
  • Assist in the managing of FHSAA awards and special recognition programs
  • Assist with accurate record keeping
  • Contribute to event planning for State Championship events
  • Attend and work FHSAA State Championship events
  • For additional information on this department, please click here and click here

Athletic Services Department

  • Update Exams for Registered Contest Officials
  • Track and update the Constitution and Bylaws for all Sanctioned Official Associations
  • Update Mailings to District, Region and Section Coordinators
  • Create packets for District, Regional and Sectional Hosts
  • Create packets for State Championship Tournament Qualifiers
  • Edit Rules and Regulation Manuals for Coaches
  • Track and Update State Series Results
  • Assist with assigning Contest Officials to Regional and State Championship Contest
  • Assist in all preparations for State Championship events
  • Assist with daily duties in the Athletic Operations Department
  • Attend and work FHSAA State Championship events
  • For additional information on this department, please click here

Eligibility & Compliance Department

  • Contribute to event planning for FHSAA Compliance Seminars
  • Assist with student-athlete eligibility and member school compliance
  • Assist in reviewing allegations and member school self-reports
  • Develop educational curriculum and materials for athletic administrators, student-athletes and parents
  • Contribute to event planning for State Championship events 
  • Attend and work FHSAA State Championship events
  • For additional information on this department, please click here

*In addition to obtaining course credit, each intern will be rewarded with a $1,000 stipend at the successful completion of the semester. 

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Currently accepting resumes for Summer 2020.

For those students that are not ready to complete a full-time internship, but would still like to gain experience of working in a professional sports setting, part-time positions may be available based on timing and need. A practicum, or part-time internship (approx. 20 hrs. weekly or bi-weekly) position, will mirror the life of a full-time internship position, on a much more limited capacity. Students who choose to participate in the practicum program will gain an understanding of the FHSAA by shadowing and working directly with FHSAA Staff members in preparation for State Championship Events. For those students interested in this type of postion, please be sure to note it on your cover letter. 


jcolasanti [at] fhsaa [dot] org (J.A. Colasanti ) or dhogle [at] fhsaa [dot] org (Danielle Hogle)
Administrative Services Department

aozuna [at] fhsaa [dot] org (Alex Ozuna)
Athletic Services Department

sjamison [at] fhsaa [dot] org (Scott Jamison)
Eligibility & Compliance Department