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GA04 -

Affidavit of Compliance with FHSAA Policy on Athletic Recruiting

GA05 -

Proposal to Amend Bylaws of the FHSAA

AT01 -

Contract for Interscholastic Athletic Contests. 

Right click and save as new file onto the desktop. Open in Adobe Reader to complete. Email to opponent for signature.

AT02 -

AT2 Sanction Form. Go to Home Campus. FHSAA Forms > Sanction Form


AT06 UC -

Unsportsmanlike Conduct Incident Report Form

AT07 -

Exceptional Sportsmanship Report

AT10 -

FHSAA State Series Contest Pass Gate Sign-In Form

AT11 -

Agreement for Media Rights to FHSAA State Series Event

AT12 -

Add New FHSAA Sport/New State Series Entry Form. Go to Home Campus. FHSAA Forms > Add Drop Form 



AT14 -

State Series Pass Orders

Ordering Process thru HomeCampus

AT15 -

Petition for Reconsideration of Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty

EL02 -

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation

EL03 -

Consent and Release from Liability Certificate

EL05 -

Academic Performance Contract for Athletic Eligibility.  


EL07 -

Registration Form for Home Education Student to Participate in Athletics at Member Schools

EL09 -

Home Education Student Academic Progress Report

EL10 -

Request for Eligibility Ruling. Go to Homecampus > FHSAA Forms

EL11 -

Request for Sectional Appeals Committe Hearing. Go to Homecampus > FHSAA Forms

MB1 -

Information Request for Becoming FHSAA Member.

Please Note: Application for First Time Membership beginning with 2019-20 school year is currently CLOSED. Will open for 2020-21 school year in Spring of 2020.

MB2 -

Continuing Full Membership Application for Public, Charter, and Laboratory SchoolsDue Thursday, April 30th

  • Application must be typed
  • Save the document on your computer's desktop before typing in the form to avoid losing any work
  • Document must be submitted electronically