Ronald Davis

Inducted 2020

The influential Ronald Davis and creator of the FHSAA Hall of Fame, was inducted into the Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 2020.

The Florida native attended Laurel Hill High School, where he played basketball and baseball. After graduation, he went on to pursue a business degree from Troy State University and later became the basketball coach at his former high school. Soon after, Davis was deemed Assistant Principal at Crestview High School, and following the completion of his master’s in administration from Auburn University, he was named Principal. At Crestview, he led the school for 21 years (1969-1990) and was an active member for the FHSAA Board of Directors and National Association of Secondary School Principals.

In 1990, Davis enthusiastically took over the role as Commissioner of the FHSAA. During his tenure, he was a pioneer in modernizing operations and procedures within the Association. He forged a path for the FHSAA to become one of the first associations to computerize reporting and tracking of student-athlete eligibility and provide an online communication tool for member schools. This tool would include tournament brackets, press releases, and rule updates.

Davis provided leadership in uniting public and private member schools, though each had organizational differences. He also recognized the growth of the Association and was active in the selection and purchase of the 515 Main Street facility. Perhaps his biggest feat was defeating the Florida Legislature’s attempt to turn the Association over the to Florida Commissioner of Education. The result lead the FHSAA to be named the official non-profit, governing body of interscholastic athletics in Florida.

Perhaps among Davis’ other great accomplishments as Commissioner of the FHSAA, were creating advisory committees and recognition programs. Under his direction, the Association established committees composed of athletic directors, officials, and coaches in their respective sports. Such committees allowed an outlet for members to give input on their work related to high school sports. The recognition programs created included the Fred E. Rozelle Sportsmanship Award, Floyd E. Lay All Sports Award, and Academic All-State Team award.