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Ronald Balazs

Inducted 2016

Ronald Balazs was inducted into the Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 2016 after an incredible 35-year career as an administrator, football coach and wrestling coach in Miami.

The Toledo, Ohio, native arrived in Florida in 1968 and served as an assistant football coach at Coral Park Senior High School in Dade County until 1976. Despite coaching football and being the head coach of the CPSHS wrestling squad from 1968-77, the 1966 Ohio State University graduate still found time to earn his Masters of Education in administration in 1972 from Nova Southeastern University.

In 1977, Balazs was promoted to head coach of the Rams, where he coached for six more years until 1982. Following his coaching career, the Ohioan spent 17 years as the director of athletics at Coral Park, before concluding his distinguished career with five years as athletic director at Miami Felix Varela Senior High School (2000-04).

Throughout his administrative career in Dade County, the current Florida Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (FIAAA) executive director served as a proud member of the Greater Miami Athletic Conference Executive Committee, where he worked on numerous committees related to recruiting, compliance, bettering test scores, fundraising, budget cuts and coaching certification.

Prior to his current duties as executive director of the FIAAA, the former FIAAA Athletic Administrator of the Year had tenures as the group’s district director, president-elect, president, past president and conference chair. The former FIAAA Board of Directors member also aided the organization as its liaison to the FHSAA as well as Florida’s liaison to the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA).

Staying in Florida, Balazs was a participant on the Florida Host Committee for numerous National Athletic Directors Conferences inside the state, including a stint as the co-chair of the Host Committee when they hosted the 2004 National Conference. 

Within the FHSAA, the former FHSAA Coach of the Year has served on the Board of Directors and the tournament committee, while also working as the chairman of the athletic director’s advisory committee and the chairman of the wrestling sports committee.

On the national stage, Balazs was inducted into the NIAAA Hall of Fame in 2015 after being an NIAAA member since 1983 and a voting delegate since 1988. From 2000-04 he served a term on the NIAA Board of Directors, while also helping as the chairman of the Credentials Committee. He has also been honored with the NFHS Citation, the NIAAA Special Commendation and the NIAAA State Award of Merit.