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Earl "Bud" Sappenfield

Contest Official
Inducted 2000

Earl "Bud" Sappenfield, 73, has been a member of the Southern Association of Basketball Officials in Jacksonville for 41 years, officiating in Florida since 1959. He has officiated on the varsity level for the majority of his career, working numerous FHSAA state championship series games on the district, regional and state levels.

Sappenfield has served as the association’s booking commissioner since 1976, assigning officials to games for one of the largest single-sport officials associations in Florida. Currently SABO has more than 140 members and serves more than 80 schools.

In 1995, Sappenfield was instrumental in planning, organizing and conducting a summer training program for basketball officials in the Jacksonville area. The training program culminated with an annual officials' camp held at the University of North Florida in June.

Sappenfield has been actively involved in SABO, recruiting new members, helping organize special events and training sessions. These training seminars, held in conjunction with the North Florida team camps, included classroom instruction and on-the-job training. These sessions were attended by numerous association members and recruits and served as a model for other officials' associations in Florida to implement. Classroom instruction and videotape review (with audio critiques) of the participants was utilized.

Sappenfield's belief of assigning postseason games to as many qualified officials as possible led to approximately 90 of SABO's 140 members receiving assignments for this past year's FHSAA State Series competition. Of the 16 SABO members that applied to be evaluated for Florida Finals assignment consideration this past year, eight were selected to officiate in the state tournament in Lakeland.

Currently, Sappenfield serves as a member of the special ad-hoc committee established to guide the FHSAA's first-ever statewide evaluation program for basketball officials.

Sappenfield and his wife, Peggy, reside in Jacksonville.