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Don T. Reynolds

Inducted 1995

During his 30 years as an educator, Don T. Reynolds touched every area of students’ lives. As a teacher and administrator, he devoted his professional life to developing the intellectual, physical, emotional and social well-being of high school students throughout Seminole County and the state. As a result, thousands of students are living as healthy, fulfilled and successful adults.

Born and raised in Madison, Tenn., Reynolds moved to Florida to attend Stetson University in 1954.

Reynolds served on the FHSAA Board of Directors from 1984 through 1990, first as district 7 director and then as vice president.

Perhaps his most important contribution to high school sports in Florida was his leadership in the fight against steroid abuse by student-athletes. He appeared on the nationally televised programs "20/20" and "Firing Line," and testified before Congress concerning drug use in the high schools. As a result, the problem was brought to the nation’s attention and legislation was passed preventing students from easily obtaining steroids imported form Mexico.

Since retiring from the school system in 1991, Reynolds has worked as a lobbyist for the Seminole County School Board and an educational consultant for the Brevard and Seminole Associations of School Administrators. Reynolds and his wife, Ann, have four daughters, four grandsons and one granddaughter. They reside in DeBary and are enjoying a lot of travel.