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Clem Brooks

Contest Official
Inducted 2010

Few contest officials in Florida history have attained the level of professionalism and respect from their peers as Tampa's Clem Brooks.

The North Carolina native has been involved with high school athletics for more than four decades. After graduating from Bawley High School in Scotland, N.C. in 1952, Brooks attended the University of Tampa. While in college, Brooks decided to join the United States Air Force, and served our country until 1975, when he retired. Although he was in the military, he still found time to officiate, and started his more than 40-year career as an official in 1966.

In his multiple decades of officiating, Brooks has worked more than 2,000 regular-season games and 3,200 games total. His skills in officiating did not limit him to work only one sport. He officiated hundreds of games in football, basketball, baseball and softball. His contribution as an official in multiple sports has given him much recognition throughout Hillsborough, Pasco and Miami-Dade Counties.

Brooks’s hard work and dedication to officiating has been publicized in multiple newspapers across the state of Florida and has made him a mentor to many younger officials. He retired from officiating in June 2009. Currently, Brooks is a consultant and trainer for officials in Hillsborough County.

He has been a recipient of numerous awards throughout his years of officiating. Brooks has been awarded the Official of the Year award in all the sports he worked with: football, basketball, baseball and softball. He has also received awards off the field. In 2009, Brooks was awarded the Community Service Award from the National Fitness Association for his outstanding service in the community and as an official.