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Bruce Irvin

Inducted 2013

Bruce Irvin, 62, was a highly successful coach and administrator at Maclay School for nearly four decades by any measure. Aside from all the championships and winning across multiple sports, his impact is just as pronounced in the way he developed his athletic program and placing emphasis on values that would benefit youth in the future.

After graduating from Mississippi State in 1974, Irvin was hired as the Assistant Athletic Director at Maclay. One year later, he took over as the Athletic Director and began laying the foundation for future students by adding sports, upgrading the facilities and instilling the importance of sportsmanship.

Under his leadership, Maclay earned 34 state championships and 20 runner-up finishes. Just as impressively, the school won the Fred E. Rozelle Sportsmanship Award on four occasions. This was no accident as Irvin was the designer of Maclay’s coaches handbook and sportsmanship pamphlet.

In addition to all of the athletic accolades, he also made a difference in athletics on a statewide level. Irvin served on the FHSAA’s Representative Assembly for two years, the Board of Directors for three years and helped form the Awards Committee that selects the annual FHSAA Academic All-State Team. He had been a member of the Florida Athletic Coaches Association since 1976 and a member of the Florida Interscholastic Athletic Administration Association, serving three terms on its Board of Directors.

One of Irvin’s peers—Providence School athletic director Ron Pompeo—summed his legacy up best.

“When your team traveled to Maclay to compete, you knew you would be treated to a first-class event,” Pompeo said. “Their coaches and staff would always lead the way in integrity, knowledge of their sport, communication, compliance and sportsmanship. Bruce always functioned as a team, helping each other to be successful rather than focusing on personal success.”