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A.F. "Bud" Holt

Contest Official
Inducted 1998

Each Friday night during Fall of the last 32 years, A.F. "Bud" Holt has made it his job to ensure that high school football teams play by the rules.

A long-time contest official in the sports of baseball, basketball and football, Holt has served high school student-athletes in Florida (23 years), South Carolina (six years) and Virginia (one year), and continues to distinguish himself as a superior official.

A native Floridian, Holt, 62, attended South Georgia College in Douglas, Ga., where he was coached by Bobby Bowden, now head football coach at Florida State University. While at South Georgia, Holt was named "Most Valuable Player" in both basketball and baseball.

He began his professional career as a Florida Highway Patrol officer after which he went into truck fleet safety. He was named "Florida Safety Director of the Year" in 1986. Currently, he is self-employed in South Carolina as a safety consultant.

Since 1970, Holt has been assigned to officiate at least one state football playoff game, including numerous state championship games, and has officiated six different positions in different championship games. He served as football director, evaluator of officials and rules interpreter in the Mid-Florida Officials Association, which is based in Ocala. During his 18 years as a basketball official in Florida, Holt was assigned to officiate at least one playoff game from the late 1960s through 1982. He also officiated in several state tournaments, including both the Class 4A girls and Class 4A boys state championship games in 1982.

Holt was selected to receive the 1990 Distinguished Service Award for football in Florida by the National Federation Interscholastic Officials Association. He was selected as referee for the Florida-Georgia All-Star Football Game in 1988; as well as to officiate the Shrine Bowl Game in Charlotte, N.C., in 1995 and the South Carolina North-South All-Star Football Game in 1996.

Holt and his wife, Eileen, currently reside in North Charleston, S.C.