State Series Financial Reporting

Financial reporting and revenue sharing for State Series:
Out of 32 sports, only 8 are required to share a portion of the gate from the FHSAA State Series District and Region competitions with the FHSAA.  The percentages of sharing by sport are; 25% for football, and 15% for Baseball, Basketball Boys, Basketball Girls, Soccer Boys, Soccer Girls, Softball and Girls Volleyball. 

All sports, other than the 8 listed above do not share gate revenue with the FHSAA and are not required to submit financial reports to the FHSAA and the FHSAA does not provide loss funding.

Reporting Forms:
State Series events for football are reported on FB5; all other sports required to share revenue with FHSAA must submit a form FN2.  All financial reports and FHSAA share is due 30 calendar days following the event.  

Please do not fax financial reports if money is due
Schools are reminded that late penalties apply to payments as well as the receipt of a financial report, and that faxing the report in advance of payment does not prevent a school from being assessed a late filing penalty.  Make sure to send the payment and report together via mail, and do not fax the report to the FHSAA office.  Because of the high volume of reports processed, receiving more than one report from a school for the same event causes unnecessary confusion.  (Note: The report may be sent via email fax if no money is due; and original copy is not required.)

Questions about State Series Financial Reporting? Contact Fiscal Assistant Matt Baranyk via mbaranyk [at] fhsaa [dot] org (email )or at (352) 372-9551 ext. 150.