Administrative Staff

  • Will Adams

    Contract Administration Specialist

    (352) 372-9551 x395

    Contract management and execution
    Liaison with NFHS Network and Spectrum Sports
  • Frank Beasley

    Director of Athletics

    (352) 372-9551 x250

    Football administrator
    Boys Basketball administrator
    Water Polo administrator
  • J.A. Colasanti

    Membership Specialist

    (352) 372-9551 x400

    School membership and renewal
    School member database and insurance documents website design and supervision
    Floyd E. Lay Sunshine Cup All Sports Award
    Administrative Services intern program coordinator
  • Michael Colby, CMAA

    Director of Eligibility

    (352) 372-9551 x380

    Governance elections
    Representative Assembly coordinator
    Coordinator of handbook revision
    Home education questions
    Foreign exchange/international student questions
    General eligibility questions
  • Craig Damon

    Associate Executive Director for Eligibility and Compliance Services

    (352) 372-9551 x240

    Eligibility enforcement and compliance
    Legislative and legal affairs
    Sectional appeals/undue hardship waiver requests
    Eligibility rulings and related issues
    Complaints and allegations
    Compliance seminar
  • Kellie Doucette

    Director of Athletics

    (352) 372-9551 x450

    Swimming & Diving administrator
    Competitive Cheerleading administrator
    Softball administrator
    Student contest officials program
    Sports Medicine Advisory Committee
  • Quinten Ershock

    Marketing Specialist

    (352) 372-9551 x190

    Corporate sponsorship programs
    Liaison with corporate sponsors
    Establish sponsorship package levels and review sponsor proposals
    Coordination of sponsor radio, TV and print advertising
    Academic All-State awards program
    Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Justin Harrison

    Associate Executive Director for Athletic Services

    (352) 372-9551 x180

    Oversees Athletic Services department
    Supervisor of officials program
    Sports Medicine Advisory Committee
    Athletic Directors Advisory Committee
    Unsportsmanlike conduct of athletes and coaches
    Contractual disputes between member schools
    State Series passes
    Appeals of fines and penalties assessed for violations of athletic regulations
    Interim Flag Football and Boys & Girls Weightlifting administrator
  • Jeremy Hernandez

    Assistant Director of Officials

    (352) 372-9551 x300

    Officials Education
    Officials Training
    Officials Evaluations
    Officials Advisory Committee
    Official Recruitment and Retention
  • Robbie Lindeman

    Director of Athletics

    (352) 372-9551 x260

    Girls Volleyball administrator
    Wrestling administrator
    Baseball administrator
  • Nadia Musleh

    Network Administrator

    (352) 372-9551 x120

    Systems/Network administrator
    HomeCampus support
    Arbiter Support
    Online rules presentation maintenance
    Officials website maintenance
  • Kyle Niblett

    Public Relations Specialist

    (352) 372-9551 x350

    FHSAA spokesperson
    Credential media and approve media rights agreements
    Public Liaison Advisory Committee
    Championship records and archives
    FHSAA Hall of Fame director
    Social media coordinator
  • Alex Ozuna

    Assistant Director of Athletics

    (352) 372-9551 x320

    Cross Country administrator
    Boys Soccer administrator
    Boys Volleyball administrator
    Lacrosse administrator
    Coaches and Officials Advisory Committee elections
    Athletic Services intern program coordinator
  • Linda Robertson

    Associate Executive Director for Financial Services

    (352) 372-9551 x140

    Business Services
    Accounts payable/receivable
    Annual budget
    Financial reports
    Human resources
    Risk management
  • Jamie Rohrer

    Associate Executive Director for Administrative Services

    (352) 372-9551 x440

    Oversees Administrative Services Department
    Sponsorship and Marketing
    Public Relations
    Membership Services
    Awards Programs and Banquets
    Public Records Requests
  • Corey Sobers

    Assistant Director of Athletics

    (352) 372-9551 x470

    Bowling Administrator
    Girls Soccer Administrator
    Tennis Administrator
  • Jordanne Stark

    Assistant Director for Compliance

    (352) 372-9551 x230

    Complaints and allegations
    Middle school compliance
    General compliance questions
    Sectional appeals/undue hardship waiver requests
    Eligibility and compliance intern program coordinator
  • Ed Thompson, CAA

    Director of Athletics

    (352) 372-9551 x390

    Golf administrator
    Girls Basketball administrator
    Track & Field (and Adaptive) administrator
    Athletic Directors Advisory Committee
  • George Tomyn

    Executive Director

    (352) 372-9551 x110

    Chief Executive Officer
    Supervision of FHSAA staff and office
    Interpretation of bylaws, guidelines, regulations, policies and procedures
    Corporate sponsorships
  • Shanell Young

    Coordinator of Technology and Athletics

    (352) 372-9551 x310

    Oversees network administration
    HomeCampus database administration
    Middle school athletics
    NFHS Coaches Recognition program

Non-Administrative Staff

  • Matthew Baranyk

    Fiscal Assistant

    (352) 372-9551 x150

    Financial Reports
  • Carlene Flitcraft

    Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

    (352) 372-9551 x110

    Assists Executive Director and FHSAA Board of Directors
  • Taylor Gies

    Officials Registrar

    (352) 372-9551 x290

    Officials registration and payments
    Officials association sanctions
    Official's technical support for rules videos and exams
    Distribution of National Federation books and study materials to contest officials
    Official's field clinics
    Official's service awards
    Official's state series passes
  • Danielle Hogle

    Executive Assistant to the Assoc. Exec. Dir. for Administrative Services

    (352) 372-9551 x170

    Academic Team Champion
    Classified Ads
    Fred E. Rozelle Sportsmanship Program
    Administrative Services intern program coordinator
  • Doris Mahoney

    Accounts Payable Clerk

    (352) 372-9551 x130

    Accounts Payable
  • Ashton Moseley

    Executive Assistant to the Assoc. Exec. Dir. for Athletic Services

    (352) 372-9551 x360

    Assists Assoc. Executive Director for Athletic Services
    State Series and lifetime passes
    State Championship trophies, medals & pins
  • Becky Torino

    Executive Assistant to Assoc. Exec. Director for Compliance and Eligibility

    (352) 372-9551 x340

    Assists Compliance and Eligibility Services
  • Sheryl Watson

    Fiscal Assistant

    (352) 372-9551 x160

    Accounts Receivable
    Billing Statements/Invoices