Sanctioned Events - Volleyball - Girls

Disclaimer: These events have been submitted to the Florida High School Athletic Association for approval.

Please note that if the event has not been approved either by the FHSAA and/or the NFHS, those columns will be marked accordingly.

School Name Type of Event Start of Event Date Approved NFHS Yes/No NFHS Approved Out-of-State Approval Participating Schools  
Cape Coral Preseason Classic 8/18,20/15 3/20/15 NO N/A N/A FL schools only  
Fivay Preseason Classic 8/20/15 3/5/15 NO N/A N/A FL schoos only  
Fivay Invitational 9/25-26/15 3/5/15 NO N/A N/A FL schools only