FHSAA Swimming & Diving Hy-Tek Instructions

Please print this page and follow instructions closely to avoid problems!


The FHSAA State Swimming & Diving Series consists of 48 district meets (12 per classification), 16 regional meets (four per classification) and four (4) FHSAA Finals state championship meets (one per classification). In order to correctly advance the top 24 swimmers and divers, and top 16 relays, to their respective regional and state meets, there must be a high degree of standardization of the Hy-Tek databases at each district meet. Pre-built templates of the 48 district meets are available for download from the FHSAA web site. These templates are built within the correct format and coding. After downloading and installing the Hy-Tek backup for your district, the district host needs to only enter the coaches and athletes with their event entries to be ready to run the district meet. It is important to understand that any data entered in the district meet database is transferred electronically to the regional and FHSAA Finals state meet database. Completeness and accuracy of this data is paramount. Please make sure you are using the most updated version of Hy-Tek Meet Manager 5.0/4.0/3.0. For more information on downloading the most current version of the software, please visit: http://www.hy-tekltd.com/store/swim/MM5.0.html


This tutorial is meant to help a novice computer operator prepare for the meet. (NOTE: Experienced users need to read these instructions carefully as well to ensure proper data transfer.) 
1. Go to the FHSAA Swimming & Diving main page on the FHSAA web site (http://www.fhsaa.org/sports/swimming-diving). Look for and click on the hyperlink – District or Regional Meet Hy-Tek Backups. (YOU ARE HERE!)
2. You should open up to the Hy-Tek instruction page. After reading, click on the "Accept and Download" hyperlink. (THIS IS THE INSTRUCTIONS PAGE; THE "ACCEPT AND DOWNLOAD" LINK IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.)
3. Locate your district and click on the hyperlink.
4. You will be prompted to either Open the file from the current location or “Save the file.” Select “Save the file.” Your computer should ask you where you want to save the file. You may want to save the file to a folder on the computer that is used for data entry. Save the file when you have specified a location.
5. Open Hy-Tek Meet Manager.
6. Click on “File” then “Restore” - Select the 4th button down that says “Unzip, copy the database to a selected folder, and open this new database.”
7. The program will ask for you to identify the backup file to unzip. Locate and select the file that you just downloaded and select “Open”.
8. The program will ask you what folder to restore the meet to. A final click of “OK” when prompted will open the database.
»»» Hy-Tek School Codes «««

A. Click on SETUP, MEET SETUP – DO NOT CHANGE THE MEET NAME. Check to see that the location and date of the meet is correct. Change if necessary.
B. Click on SETUP, REPORT PREFERENCES, HEADERS – You may modify the report headers as desired.
C. EVENTS – DO NOT change the numbering or names of the events. When uploading entries, do not click on "match event numbers."
D. Click on EVENTS, SESSIONS – You may change session name and start time.
E. Click on SCHOOLS – Participating schools are pre-loaded in the program. Please review the team abbreviation and name. Contact the FHSAA office if there are any missing teams or discrepancies noted in the team names.
F. Click on ATHLETES – Enter each athlete’s Last Name, First Name and school year (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12) as they appear on the eligibility listing which should accompany all entries. Enter the athlete in the events as listed on the entry form. Be sure to enter all athletes listed on the entry form (SW3). Additionally – add any swimmer who is on the eligibility roster to the database if they are not listed on the SW3. If a swimmer is not listed in the district meet database, they will not be advanced to the regional meet database. District hosts may receive requests from coaches to load USA Swiming registration ID numbers in the "Reg ID #" field on the athlete menu for some of the athletes. The FHSAA does not object to you performing this service if time permits.

Meet Operations Guidelines

Swimming Relays

Load ALL names listed on the relay cards – include alternates (if listed on the relay cards) of participating swimmers under “Relay Names” in the RUN menu or the RELAY menu. The names loaded will be transferred during the merging of the district meets and will save many hours of loading “Relay Only” swimmers at the regional and FHSAA Finals state meets. Coaches may change the relay participants for the regional and FHSAA Finals state meets.

Use of backup times – If the Referee determines that a touch pad time is not valid, a backup time for the malfunctioning lane will be used. A timing system adjustment will be applied to the backup time that corrects the backup time for average human reaction time (The timing system adjustment computations are a feature incorporated in the Hy-Tek program). For consistency between meets, it is important that timing system corrections be applied for all backup times used. If a time needs to be adjusted, you must coordinate with the Meet Referee!

The diving events have been set up as a single round event for results purposes. The meet management program is set up to rank final total points for the diving event. Enter the final point totals for each diver in the “Finals Points” field on the diving results page. As far as the Meet Management program is concerned, there is only one score entered – Final Points.

When entering athletes in their events, please note: 
All event numbers are correct. Please do not change any event numbers. Please be sure to use the correct abbreviation code when submitting results for athletes who did not show or compete in an event.

School Menu- Do not change any ABBR.
Corrections may be made to the spelling of the Long Team Name or Short Team Name as needed. Please do not delete any parenthetical items in the Long Team Name or suffixes in the Short Team Name. These items were placed in the program for clarity purposes when the results are merged for the regional’s and state finals.


Immediately following the meet, e-mail a full meet backup to swimming [at] fhsaa [dot] org.
A. Create a backup (File, Backup).
B. When prompted by the program to add a comment to be included with the backup type: “Final backup __A District ___”. 
C. In the body of the e-mail please include the name and contact phone numbers for the computer operator. Please bring a copy of the backup file home after the meet. In the event that there was a failure in the original e-mail having the backup at home will allow for immediate retransmission. Failure to include a phone contact may delay the FHSAA Finals selection process.
D. The sender will receive a confirmation of receipt all meet backups via e-mail. It is imperative that the meet backup is received as soon as possible after the meet.

Please note that failure to follow the above instructions may result in a financial penalty for the host school.

  • To accept the terms of these instructions and proceed to the Hy-Tek district meets backup download page: click here
  • To accept the terms of these instructions and proceed to the Hy-Tek regional meets backup download page: click here