Softball Frequently Asked Questions

FHSAA Officials Online Evaluation Program

In an effort to discover excellence, stimulate improvement, give officials accurate data for reflection and ascertain weaknesses; the FHSAA has created its first online officials evaluation program.  Please take the time after each of your varsity contest to fill out the evaluation survey.  If there’s room for improvement for the crew, we request that you state the situation(s).  The FHSAA aims to use this program to not only give measures to our officials for improvement, but to inform our officials when they are doing a great job.  If the tool is successful, the FHSAA plans to use it as an additional tool for future post season assignments.  Please CLICK HERE for the evaluation link.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Shanell Young at syoung [at] fhsaa [dot] org.

2016-17 softball rules presentation: click here

What is the official ball?
The Wilson A9011. For more information: click here

Are wrist coaches permissible?
Wrist coaches are permissible provided they are worn/used within the rules of the NFHS Softball Rules Book (i.e. 3-2-9).

Can softball players wear metal cleats?
Yes. (NFHS Rules 3-2-11) Players permitted to wear metal cleats and metal toe plates.

In cold weather, when players wear cold weather gear over their uniform jerseys, must the jacket or sweatshirt have the players' jersey number on it? Also, if players wear hooded sweatshirts, must the hoods be tucked inside?
There is nothing in either book (NFHS Rules or FHSAA Manual) that requires a number to be printed on the back of a jacket or sweatshirt (see Casebook 3-2-1 situation A), nor is a hood on a hooded sweatshirt required to be tucked in.

6-2-2 says the pitcher may use powdered resin to dry her hand.  Is the pitcher required to wipe it (powdered resin) off her hand before going to the ball?
Rule 6-2-2 only states that “A pitcher who licks her fingers shall wipe them off…”. Therefore, a pitcher using powdered resin to dry her hand is not required to wipe her hand prior to bringing the hand in contact with the ball.