Third Party Events

What forms are required if I am participating in a Third Party Sponsored Event?

An AT2S form must be submitted if the event is being sponsored by a Third Party entity.  Once the AT2S form is submitted, the FHSAA will communicate with you and the third party sponsor if any additional paperwork is required.

What constitutes a Third Party Special Event?

Policy 7.6 - Third Party Special Events
7.6.1 Member schools that participate in an event held within the State of Florida hosted by a third party must notify the FHSAA of their intent to participate. The notification of intent to participate (Form AT2S) must be submitted to the FHSAA office utilizing the official Association process as approved by the Executive Director, with a time stamp bearing a date not later than 30 days prior to the first day of the event to avoid a $100 penalty. Sanctioning and any FHSAA fees for the event are the responsibility of the third party hosting the event, not the participating member school. It is the responsibility of the member school to insure the event in which they are participating has been approved and sanctioned by the FHSAA.

7.6.2 Third Party events held in private or corporate facilities, or on school facilities where the member school is not fulfilling “Host” duties as defined in Policy 7.1.2, require a direct contract between the FHSAA and Third Party for sanction approval.

7.6.3 Any event hosted by or held on a college or university campus must be directly sanctioned by the College, University or third party with the FHSAA. If a member school is affiliated with the college or university and typically uses the college or university facility as their home facility, normal sanctioning approval stipulated in Policy 7.2.1 shall apply.

What forms are required from the Third Party Sponsor?

A Third Party Event sanction application (found below) must be completed by the Third Party Sponsor prior to the FHSAA sanctioning their event.

Third Party Event sanction application

2017-18 Event Sanction Fees for Third Party Direct Contract with FHSAA

A Third Party Special Event event may not be sanctioned by an FHSAA member school.  The Corporation or Promoter is required to request sanction of the event directly with the FHSAA and responsible to pay the sanction fee directly to the FHSAA. The corporation or promoter must enter into a written agreement with the FHSAA providing terms, proof of insurance and fee to be provided to the FHSAA in exchange for FHSAA’s official sanction of the event.

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