Sanctioned Events - Baseball

Disclaimer: These events have been submitted to the Florida High School Athletic Association for approval.
Please note that if the event has not been approved either by the FHSAA and/or the NFHS, those columns will be marked accordingly.

School Name Type of Event Start of Event Date Approved NFHS Yes/No NFHS Approved Out-of-State Approval Participating Schools
Barron Collier Preseason Classic 2/12/18 10/13/17 NO N/A N/A Barron Collier, Canterbury, Charlotte, Seacrest Country Day
Berkeley Prep Preseason Classic 2/13/18 10/4/17 NO N/A N/A Berkeley Prep, George Steinbrenner, Land O'Lakes, Pasco
Bloomingdale Preseason Classic 2/13/18 8/21/17 NO N/A N/A Bloomingdale, Durant, King, Wharton
Columbus Preseason Classic 2/13/18 9/20/17 NO N/A N/A Columbus, Coral Gables, Miami Killian, Miami Sunset
Florida League High School Baseball Week 1 Invitational 3/12/18 9/26/17 NO N/A N/A TBA
Florida League High School Baseball Week 2 Invitational 3/19/18 9/26/17 NO N/A N/A TBA
Florida League High School Baseball Week 3 Invitational 3/26/18 9/26/17 NO N/A N/A TBA
Florida League High School Baseball Week 4 Invitational 4/3/18 9/26/17 NO N/A N/A TBA
Indian Rocks Christian Preseason Classic 2/13/18 9/28/17 NO N/A N/A Indian Rocks Christian, Cambridge, Largo, Northeast (St. Petersburg)
Jefferson Preseason Classic 2/13/17 10/13/17 NO N/A N/A Jefferson, Boca Ciega, Gaither, Osceola
Mount Dora Christian Preseason Classic 2/13/18 9/5/17 NO N/A N/A Mount Dora Christian, Kingdom Prep, Legacy, Ocala Christian
Pine Forest Preseason Classic 2/14/18 9/22/17 NO N/A N/A Pine Forest, Escambia, Pensacola Catholic, Tate, Washington (Pensacola), West Florida
Plant Preseason Classic 2/13/17 10/19/17 NO N/A N/A Plant, Alonso, East Lake, Sarasota
Santa Fe Catholic Preseason Classic 2/13/18 10/16/17 NO N/A N/A Santa Fe Catholic, Haines City, Kathleen, Tenoroc
Tampa Catholic Preseason Classic 2/12/18 8/17/17 NO N/A N/A Tampa Catholic, IMG Academy, Out-of-Door, Robinson