Football Advisory Committee

December 14, 2005 • 10 a.m.
Robert W. Hughes FHSAA Building
Gainesville, Florida

Gary Pigott, FHSAA Football Administrator, called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. The following committee members were in attendance: Shelton Crews, Godby HS (Tallahassee); Phillip Yancey, Vanguard HS (Ocala); Dean Fabrizio, DeLand HS; Mike Hayde, Fort Meade HS; Phil Hayford, Shorecrest Prep (St. Petersburg); Jake von Scherer, Coral Springs Christian; Dan Marguriet, Coconut Creek HS; and Joey Wiles, FACA/St. Augustine HS. FHSAA staff members John Stewart, Sonny Hester and Denarvise Thornton were also present. Committee member Jerry Pollard (Pine Forest HS, Pensacola) was unable to attend due to illness.


Mr. Pigott reviewed the procedure for completing the expense vouchers and e-mail addresses were collected and confirmed.

Mr. Pigott welcomed the committee to the FHSAA Office, reviewed the agenda and gave the committee an overview of the process of any recommendations from the football advisory committee. Each person present introduced himself.

Motion by Mr. Wiles, seconded by Mr. Hayford and carried (Vote: 8-0) to select Phillip Yancey, Vanguard High School, as committee chairperson.

The agenda was adopted as presented. Motion by Mr. Crews, seconded by Mr. Hayford and carried (Vote 8-0).

Discussion – Vacation of Playoff Bracket (University Christian Situation), Proposed Residence/Transfer Rule & Off-season Policy (50% rule): Commissioner Stewart discussed the listed topics and asked the committee for their input on the forfeiture/vacation of bracket regulation. The University Christian/Port St. Joe playoff game situation was reviewed along with football regulation 208.04 (Forfeitures and Vacations of Brackets, Standings.) The committee expressed unanimous approval to support the current regulation, as written, and commended the FHSAA staff on the handling of this unfortunate situation. The committee encouraged the Commissioner to penalize the offending school with the strongest possible consequences.

The committee inquired about the impending residence/transfer rule proposal that will be voted on at the upcoming January Representative Assembly meeting. Commissioner Stewart reviewed the components of the proposal and how the new rule would be applied in certain situations. The committee endorsed the residence/transfer rule proposal by consensus. The off-season policy (50% rule) proposal was also discussed. The Representative Assembly will vote on it in January as well.

Discussion - Review of 2004 Football Advisory Committee Minutes: The committee reviewed the recommendations from the 2004 Football Advisory Committee meeting including the open date and the mercy rule modification.

2005 Recommendation #1: Motion by Mr. Fabrizio, seconded by Mr. Crews and carried, Vote: Unanimous (8-0), to tweak the mercy rule to include a stoppage of the running clock after a team scores.
Fast track: Motion by Mr. von Scherer, seconded by Mr. Crews and carried, Vote: Unanimous (8-0).
Rationale: It is painfully obvious that the clock is running after a touchdown or field goal and several minutes can be wasted after the score and before the kickoff. Prevents less experienced players from receiving valuable playing time and causes parents to become upset with lack of playing time.
ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: January 11, 2006 meeting.
2ND Reading FBAC: December 2006
2ND Reading ADAC: January 2007

Discussion – 2005 State Championships: Mr. Pigott commended the organizations in Miami (Miami-Dade Sports Commission, Greater Miami Athletic Conference, FIU & Dolphins Stadium) for the exceptional job they did in hosting the FHSAA Florida Football Finals this year. Mr. Hayde (Ft. Meade) and Mr. Wiles (St. Augustine) were participating teams this season. Mr. Marguriet and Mr. von Scherer attended some of the games and stated how excited South Florida was to host the games. Mr. Hayde relayed a memorable experience for his coaches and players. Mr. Hayde commented on the Gameworks dinner and entertainment they were provided by the local organizing committee. FIU playing surface was great, but Mr. Hayde raised concerns with the lack of a private locker room area to meet with his team prior to the game and at halftime. This locker room situation was partly created due to the rescheduled hurricane game that FIU was playing vs. Middle Tennessee St. on Saturday evening. Mr. Wiles said that Dolphins Stadium created a great experience for St. Augustine H.S. and his players. Hotel rooms were reasonable ($84/night) and 20 minutes from the stadium. Mr. Crews relayed some concerns from Port St. Joe and Graceville high schools about the costs of hotel rooms for those two teams ($109 & $95/night). FHSAA staff replied that those hotel rates are exceptional for South Florida in December.

Discussion - FACA Recommendations: The Florida Athletic Coaches Association (FACA) Football Committee did not submit any items for the committee to review.

Discussion - Forfeit Regulation: Every season situations develop where schools cannot field a football team on a particular week and cancel a game with their contractually scheduled opponent. Players are denied the opportunity to participate that week and some schools incur a financial loss as a result of canceling the scheduled game.

2005 Recommendation #2: Motion by Mr. von Scherer, seconded by Mr. Wiles and carried, Vote: Unanimous (8-0), to play all contracted regular season games or forfeit the game and their playoff eligibility and become an independent for the remainder of the season. If a school becomes an independent after the forfeit, all previously played district games will be counted as non-district games.
Fast track: Motion by Mr. Yancey, seconded by Mr. Hayford and carried, Vote: Unanimous (8-0).
Rationale: Scheduling and committing to the playoff system is the option of each individual school. All FHSAA member schools should live up to their commitments and contractual obligations. Too many people and programs are affected when forfeits occur. The consequences should be severe and provide a deterrent.
ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: January 11, 2006 meeting.
2ND Reading FBAC: December 2006
2ND Reading ADAC: January 2007

Discussion – All-Star Games (Policy 26): The current policy prevents any all-star game from being played prior to the conclusion of the FHSAA Football Finals and a waiver must be granted. This is not practical and prevents some players from moving on to other winter sports. Update the policy to permit all-star football games after the regular season as long as the date doesn’t compete with the FHSAA Football Finals.

2005 Recommendation #3: Motion by Mr. Wiles, seconded by Mr. Hayford and carried, Vote: Unanimous (8-0), to modify Policy 26 to permit counties to conduct all-star games on specific dates that occur after the regular season and prior to the FHSAA Finals as long as the all-star game does not conflict with playoff game dates or FHSAA Finals dates.
Fast track: Motion by Mr. Crews, seconded by Mr. Hayford and carried, Vote: Unanimous (8-0).
Rationale: Provides more flexibility for counties to host all-star games in a timelier manner and allows student-athletes to move on and participate in other winter or spring sports.
ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: January 11, 2006 meeting.
2ND Reading FBAC: December 2006
2ND Reading ADAC: January 2007

Discussion – FHSAA Football Manual: The existing FHSAA Football Manual was reviewed. No additional changes were suggested.

Open Agenda:
Mr. Yancey: Suggested placing the future football season dates from the FHSAA calendar in the back blank pages of the FHSAA Football Manual for reference.
Mr. Crews: Brought the following items for discussion: FHSAA state series pass policy, increasing costs of contest officials and FHSAA percentages from preseason classics and jamborees.
Mr. Hayde: Inquired about the possibility of scrimmages in the preseason. FHSAA Staff encouraged Mr. Hayde to submit this as an agenda item for discussion at a future advisory committee meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m. Mr. Pigott provided a tour of the FHSAA Building for those interested committee members.