Football Advisory Committee

December 16, 2002 • 10 a.m.
FHSAA Headquarters
Gainesville, Florida

Gary Pigott, FHSAA Football Administrator, called the meeting to order at 10:00 A.M. The following committee members were in attendance: Bobby Johns (Blountstown H.S.), Dan Disch (Ed White H.S., Jacksonville), Drew Nemec (Trinity Prep School, Winter Park), Tim Borcky (Lake Highland Prep, Orlando), Sam Roper (Seminole H.S., Pinellas Co.), Randy Hallock (Astronaut H.S., Titusville), Jeff Rogers (Hialeah Miami Lake H.S.), Frank Tudryn (Gulf Coast H.S., Naples) and Joey Wiles (FACA Chair & St. Augustine H.S.). FHSAA staff members Robert Hughes, Ron Allen and Denarvise Thornton were also present.


Mr. Pigott reviewed the procedure for completing the expense vouchers and e-mail addresses were collected.

Mr. Hughes gave the committee an overview of the most recent Board of Directors decisions with regard to classification and districting. Football district assignments are expected to be available on the FHSAA web site by the middle of January 2003. Mr. Hughes commended the Tallahassee Sports Council, Leon County Athletics and FSU facility operations for the fine job they did in hosting the FHSAA Football Finals for the last two years. Contract negotiations will begin soon with the Gainesville Sports Organizing Committee (GSOC) to finalize a contract for the 2003 & 2004 FHSAA Florida Football Championships.

Mr. Pigott welcomed the committee to the FHSAA Office, reviewed the agenda and gave the committee an overview of their purpose and objective as an advisory committee. Each person present introduced himself.

Mr. Pigott gave the committee a tour of the new FHSAA building.

The committee selected Joey Wiles as committee chairperson.

Discussion - Review of 2001 Football Advisory Committee Minutes: The committee reviewed the one recommendation from the 2001 Football Advisory Committee meeting.

2001 Recommendation #1: It was moved by Mr. Hayford, seconded by Mr. Disch and carried, Vote: Unanimous (8-0), to reinstate the open date. The committee wants the FHSAA to survey the membership giving them only options #3 and #4 from the previous survey.
Rationale: It would help with the shortage of officials and in some areas of the state with stadium usage. It would also increase the flexibility in scheduling that is non-existent without an 11th date.

ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: Did not endorse (5-1). Options listed were too restrictive to accommodate adding the 11th week.
2ND Reading FBAC: Motion by Mr. Disch, seconded by Mr. Tudryn and carried unanimously to survey the football coaches online via the FHSAA web site. Mr. Pigott reviewed the contests that were cut in all other sports. Options including adding an open date by eliminating the fall classic game will be presented. Flexibility in scheduling in the primary reason for seeking this change.
2ND Reading ADAC: Meet on January 8, 2003.

Discussion – 2002 State Championships: Mr. Pigott praised the organizations in Tallahassee for the exceptional job they did in hosting the FHSAA Florida Football Finals. The bar has been raised for future host organizations. Mr. Johns attended several games the last two years in Tallahassee and commented that he felt “welcomed” to the event and that the hospitality extended was great. Mr. Wiles participated in the 2001 state championships and had many positive comments. The use of Tallahassee area athletic directors and football coaches to serve as “team hosts” is a key component to the operation.
Discussion - FACA Recommendations: Joey Wiles, Florida Athletic Coaches Association (FACA) Football Chairperson, did not have any items for the committee to review.

Discussion - 30-point running clock: Correspondence from football officials Chris Kawcak (Sarasota) and Steve Beck (Broward county) were reviewed. Both officials encourage a regulation that would go into effect once the 30-point difference occurs. The current policy requires the request of the coach whose team is 30 points or more behind in the 2nd half. The committee likes the regulation as stated and took no action. The committee believes this is an ethics situation and that you can’t legislate ethics.

Discussion – Water Breaks during practice: Correspondence from football coach Joe Van Vactor (Baker County H.S.) was reviewed. The committee shares this concern with Mr. Van Vactor, but believes most schools already practice an “open water” policy that allows football players to receive water continuously throughout practice. The use of any and all available medical personnel is also recommended.

Discussion – FHSAA Football Playoff Bracketing: Correspondence from Jay Radar (Athletic Director at Palm Beach Gardens H.S.) and John Tuttle (Principal at Bayside H.S.) were reviewed. A motion was made by Mr. Borcky, seconded by Mr. Tudryn to bracket the football playoffs by a true seed instead of the current format. Motion was defeated by a vote of (5-3). Mr. Disch then made a motion, seconded by Mr. Nemec and carried unanimously to survey head football coaches with regard to this item. Mr. Pigott stated this should be able to be accomplished online via the FHSAA web site along with the open date item.

2002 Recommendation #1: It was moved by Mr. Disch, seconded by Mr. Borcky and carried, Vote: Unanimous (9-0), to develop a policy to handle situations where a school has a signed contact, but the game is not played due to the opponent not fielding a team.
Rationale: If a team/school cancels a game due to lack of participating after signing a contact, the school that wants to play a game should not be penalized.

ATHLETIC DIRECTORS: Meet on January 8, 2003.

Discussion – State Football Series Format: A proposal from Randy Merrill (FHSAA Board Member) was reviewed. Bill Kramer (Naples H.S. football coach) forwarded an e-mail not in favor of this format. Committee members took no action and wanted additional time to discuss and review the merits and drawbacks to the proposal since it would not change the next two-year classification cycle.

Discussion: The existing FHSAA Football Manual was reviewed. No changes were recommended.

Open Agenda:
Discussion – Open Enrollment/Transfer Rules: Mr. Disch expressed concern with the many transfers that occur after the initial “9th grade choice”. All committee members agreed that this was a major concern and is commonplace in high school athletics today. Mr. Allen encouraged the committee to forward their concern to the FHSAA Legislative Committee for review in an attempt to address the Florida Legislature as this rule is a state statute that needs to be addressed at that level. All committee members were primarily concerned with transfers that occur after the 9th grade year.

The meeting was adjourned at 12 p.m.