Contest Officials

Officials Registration Opens July 1, 2015

The FHSAA will begin accepting registrations for the 2015-16 school season starting Wednesday, July 1, 2015. Returning officials, log into FHSAA at to renew registration online in your existing account.  New officials, go to to register for a new account online. Please direct your registration questions to officials [at] fhsaa [dot] org.  

Want to become an official? Visit today for step-by-step instructions on how to get started. You will also find a directory there were you can search by county and by sport to find a local officials association in your area.  

Registrations must be received by the FHSAA Office no later than the following dates, before being considered a “Late Registration.”  Registrations after these dates will cost an additional $10.00 for returning officials.

Season Sport Initial Deadline Last Day for Late Registrations
FALL Volleyball, Swimming
Basketball, Wrestling
SPRING Softball
Lacrosse, Track, Water Polo
Flag Football

2015 FHSAA Officials Leadership Conference

The FHSAA is proud to announce that the 2015 Officials Leadership Conference will be held June 12-13 at Trinity Prep High School in Winter Park in conjunction with the Central Florida Officials Association! More updates will be announced soon!

Officials 2014-15 Online Rules Exam Schedule

Exams can be accessed directly through the officials FHSAA registration account at There will now be one online rules exam, 50 questions long and timed for 75 minutes and one online make-up exam window. Please see below. For questions, please e-mail: officials [at] fhsaa [dot] org.

Sport Online Exam
75 minutes
50 questions
Online Make-up Exam
75 minutes
50 questions
Volleyball, Swimming
8/6 – 8/15
8/11 – 8/20
9/2 – 9/8
9/4 – 9/10
Basketball, Wrestling
10/13 – 10/22
10/15 – 10/24
11/6 – 11/12
11/11 – 11/17
Lacrosse, Track, Water Polo
Flag Football
1/19 – 2/1
1/21 – 2/1
1/27 – 2/5
2/3 – 2/12
2/11 – 2/17
2/13 – 2/19
2/18 – 2/24
2/25 – 3/3

FHSAA Girls Lacrosse Officials Certification

All requirements to become US Lacrosse certified are available here. Please keep in mind that all officials must be US Lacrosse certified in order to officiate FHSAA girls lacrosse contests beginning with the 2015 season.

2014 Officials Leadership Conference Power Point Presentations

Please click on the links below to download the Power Point presentations that were used at the 2014 Officials Leadership Conference. If you have any questions, please e-mail Shanell Young at syoung [at] fhsaa [dot] org.

Opening Session Football Rules Changes Open Forum
Soccer Rules Changes Volleyball Basketball
Soccer Leadership Presentation Player Safety Softball Leadership Presentation

FHSAA officials background screening / Jessica Lunsford Act update

As you may have heard House Bill 21 dealt with the background screening of non-instructional contractors. The Florida Legislature passed and Rick Scott signed this bill making it effective beginning July 1, 2013. Please review the attached. If you have any questions, our office is willing to provide any assistance we can. You may also contact Ms. Marian Lambeth as indicated document linked here.

Officials to participate in "Calling for a Cure" campaign

Some FHSAA contest officials have agreed to participate in the “Calling for a Cure” campaign. By participating, these officials have agreed to donate their game fee, or a portion of their game fee, to the American Cancer Society. The dates for participation in the state of Florida are as follows:

  • Oct. 1-31, 204
  • Jan. 5-10, 2015
  • March 16-21, 2015

If you notice that the contest officials are using pink whistles during the contest, this means these officials have agreed to make an individual donation in this effort. If this is the case, the FHSAA kindly asks that you acknowledge this participation through the public address announcement found below. Please make the announcement a minimum of two times during the contest. For football, make the announcement between quarters. In volleyball, make the announcement once between the first and second game in a match, and then again between the second and third game in a match.

The administrator or coach may ask the officials if they will be using pink whistles for the contest to communicate the need to make the announcement to the public address announcer.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we recognize the officials of the <NAME OF OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION> for their support in the fight against breast cancer. You may note their willingness to support this effort by the use of the pink whistle. The pink whistle signifies that the contest officials are contributing the contest’s game fee or a portion of the game fee to research in the Calling for a Cure campaign. If you wish to further support this effort or become an official, you may find the necessary information on the FHSAA’s website at"

Collegiate Commissioners Association Football 7-Man Mechanics

The CCA has released information regarding football 7-man mechanics. It includes a Power Point presentation and a cheat sheet.