FHSAA Update on Student-Athlete Software

Below is an update from the FHSAA regarding its search for a new student-athlete software provider:
The FHSAA has two long-existing advisory committees whose responsibility it is to determine what is best for users. The first one is a 12-member committee made up of representatives from FIAAA, FCIS, FACA and the FHSAA. The second committee is the FHSAA Technology Advisory Committee, which is a 25-member committee made up of athletic administrators, site-based users and coaches. 
In addition to a pair of separate meetings Tuesday which lasted several hours, we have been communicating with individuals from both committees around the clock. Since Tuesday, we have also been contacted by or made contact with the following student-athlete software providers:
Home Campus
Register My Athlete
Schedule Star
The goal of this consistent communication is to efficiently make an educated decision in the best interest of our stakeholders. Please remember that seven years ago, the FHSAA and its member schools operated seamlessly without C2CSchools. We will continue to do so until a new provider is selected in spring 2017.