UPDATE: FHSAA Releases FAQ Regarding C2C

Below is a letter from FHSAA Executive Director Dr. Roger Dearing:

Member Schools,

Obviously today has been a busy day for both you and the Florida High School Athletic Association. We have been doing our best to effectively and efficiently communicate to each and every one of you regarding our withdrawal from C2CSchools. Your input is highly valued as members of the FHSAA and we’re going to use what you share with us in order to design some sort of software that’s useful to you as members.

After a full business day of answering questions and listening to you, we have compiled a lengthy question-and-answer document that we hope will assist you in this transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What led to this?

On Sept. 30, the FHSAA notified C2CSchools regarding problems with the current contract. C2CSchools was given until the end of October to cure said problems. At the end of October, the cure had yet to yield satisfactory results. Both parties went to mediation in mid-November. The mediation also did not result in a satisfactory resolution to the contested items in the contract.

Why were schools given two business days to prepare?

Mediation ended at 9 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 17. The following day was spent planning for the how the FHSAA would prepare to move forward.  While some schools were open during the beginning of Thanksgiving week, most schools were closed for the entire week (Nov. 21-25). In consulting with our attorney, we were advised to inform all schools at the same time to keep it consistent. This past Monday, Nov. 28, was the first business day all FHSAA schools were open, which is why the notice went out yesterday. As previously mentioned in yesterday’s notice to schools, as of 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 30, FHSAA’s partnership with C2C will no longer exist.

What is the easiest way to get in touch with FHSAA staff regarding any questions or concerns we might have?

Email: c2chelp [at] fhsaa [dot] org

Are all of the forms mentioned below going to be a permanent fix?

All of these items in this question-and-answer document are temporary fixes. Sooner rather than later we will have a new platform that will reestablish a mandated software for all of our member schools.

What software providing options are you currently exploring?

On Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 29, the FHSAA met with its software committee to receive input on our alternate options. This committee includes coaches, athletic directors, administrators and administrators on the district level. Since the email was sent to schools Nov. 28, we have had athletic directors, coaches and administrators advocate for MaxPreps, ArbiterSports, Rschools and Schedule Star, just to name a few. We are seeking input from all of our member schools before we move forward and make a final decision. We will not rush the process.  And ease of transition for our member schools is our priority. That is why we are putting temporary measures in place. Once we gather input from our member schools that use the aforementioned platforms, we will make an educated decision in the best interest of our stakeholders.

How do I back up my data outside of C2C?

Instructions on how to back up your data were sent out yesterday and made available at FHSAA.org. We strongly recommend all member schools carefully read the PDF and begin downloading its data immediately. We believe the contracts and the athlete management database are the first two things you should download. The FHSAA has a copy of it as of Nov. 18. If any schools updated it since then, they would need to download a new version of it. These downloads are very simple.

If you log in to C2C, you can visit any of the user interfaces and click on the download button on the side of each interface. It is called a “Grid” tool and is labeled as such.

To download the contracts you have submitted for archiving purposes, visit “Manage Contracts” and download each of them individually there. The same can be done for any forms you have submitted previously through C2C. For example, you can do this to download any classic or jamboree forms, as well as any of your eligibility forms. This includes any uploads you may have included on each of those forms.

If you have any questions or issues, simply email C2CHelp [at] fhsaa [dot] org.

What has the FHSAA already downloaded?

  • Each member school’s “Manage Athlete” database as of Nov. 18, 2016;
  • All assignments for FHSAA sports;
  • Master schedules from team sports.

What will happen to information on C2C containing the names of students, their date of birth, etc…?

Contractually, all of that information belongs to the FHSAA and its member schools. They are not allowed to use it or distribute it in any way, shape or form.

Can my school independently retain a relationship with C2C?

Members can continue to use C2C if prefered. That offer is on the table from C2C to continue that relationship independently if you so choose. There is a cost to that. C2C previously charged the FHSAA $15 per sport, per level, per gender. The FHSAA paid for that. Take boys basketball for example. If you have a varsity, junior varsity and freshman boys basketball team, that was considered by C2C to be three sports. C2C counts the number of sports, times the number of levels, times each gender. If you choose to operate independently, you will have to pay for it. Since the FHSAA is no longer using C2C, you will only be able to use their platform for internal purposes only. We should also point out the Department of Education does download on a nightly database of student information and grades. We have notified DOE that as of Nov. 30, our contracted partnership with C2C will no longer exist. If individual school districts want to make a contractual agreement with C2C, they would have to have their IT person contact DOE to let them know it is still okay to download the student information from their school or their school district.

What is the timeline of a new provider?

Late Spring 2017. Hopefully earlier.


Where can I find eligibility and compliance forms now?

All of our eligibility forms that we have been using in the past on C2C will be housed on the FHSAA website under the forms section. Each form will be submitted electronically to the email provided at the top of each form so you won’t have to print it out and scan it. If a form requires attachments, some of the forms which we develop in a web form format will have the capability of uploading documents similar to what we had previously in C2C. If a document is too large in terms of file size please email Michael Colby at mcolby [at] fhsaa [dot] org. An example of this would be when it comes to an international eligibility ruling. Our staff is here to provide any assistance that may be needed during this time as we transition to a different software program. It is basically business as usual, except you’re getting everything from www.fhsaa.org/forms.

Michael Colby – mcolby [at] fhsaa [dot] org

Craig Damon – cdamon [at] fhsaa [dot] org

Jordanne Stark – jstark [at] fhsaa [dot] org

How will coaches take the exam to certify that they have reviewed the FHSAA Policy on Athletic Recruiting (FHSAA Policy 36.4.1)?

The FHSAA is currently working on a solution to this and will announce the answer shortly.


What are we doing about game contracts?

Until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 30, you have the option of going in and printing or downloading all of the contracts that you had within C2C. We advise you to do this for archival purposes. After Nov. 30, we will make available on FHSAA.org a fillable .PDF that you will be able to download, fill out and email to your opponent. Once your opponent receives it, they will be able to sign it and return it back to you. Therefore, each of you will have a copy of any new contracts moving forward after Nov. 30.

Is this required?

FHSAA bylaws require that you have a contract for each contest. Obviously, all of the fall contracts are done with and if you are ahead of the game with all of your winter contracts, then you should be able to get those from C2C. For those spring sports where the district meetings have already occurred, you should already have your schedules in. If you have not started your contracts for spring sports by now, then you must adhere to this new form.

How will we report scores and update brackets?

We are suspending regular-season score reporting for the time being. Once district tournaments begin, the FHSAA will establish brackets on FHSAA.org similar to what already appears on the website. When we receive the information on the district champion and the district runner-up, those teams will populate the brackets on the website. People will not notice a difference with the exception that you will not be able to click on the team’s name and be directed to their home page. Everything else will be very similar.  One common thing we hear is that it is very hard for administrators to find district tournaments scores via various digital platforms, newspapers, etc... The FHSAA will take this into consideration when dealing with a new software provider so that district information is more readily available.

Will we be able to add JV and Varsity to our hard contracts or will we have to do a separate one for each?

Generating contracts for multiple genders and levels at the same time was a major request from athletic directors around the state as well as our athletic software committee. The FHSAA will push for this in the future with our new software.

What do we do about rosters, schedules and state entry lists?

We are going to suspend the requirement to submit regular season rosters.  Only state entry lists will be required. Hosts will receive information about how each team is supposed to submit the SEL to them. Hosts will still have the same responsibility to collect all information. Each team page and each individual page on FHSAA.org that is sport specific will contain a form for each school to fill out for their submission of the SEL. The host responsibilities will only change in that instead of going and downloading them on C2C, they will have each individual school email them. Submission of schedules to the FHSAA will also be suspended.  This does not mean a school can’t create its own schedule on its website. It’s simply no longer a requirement for FHSAA.

So now the district host is going to email the SEL form to everybody, or are we going to get the SEL form off FHSAA.org?

Each school will get the form from FHSAA.org.

What do we do about winter and spring rulebooks?

The NFHS has helped us by providing .PDF documents for us to forward to athletic directors across the state.  That being said, each school may only make a single copy for the head coach only. This is a revenue generator for the NFHS. The FHSAA only purchased the license for a limited supply of books. A link will be sent out to the schools for the sports you have. Each AD will receive a link. By downloading the link, you agree to not post the copyrighted information anywhere or make additional copies. This was a request directly from the NFHS that we must abide by due to copyright laws.

Drop & Add

At this time most of the deadlines for all of our sports to be added to a district have passed. Therefore, any teams that will be adding a sport after the deadline will be added as an independent, which means there is no need for district schedules for those teams that add. Keep an eye on FHSAA.org daily or every other day.

The FHSAA will still accept drops and update FHSAA.org to reflect those drops. They will use a form found at www.fhsaa.org/forms. You will not notice a difference.


Awards Programs

Applications for awards programs will be available via web form at FHSAA.org or paper submissions as they are needed. Our goal, as with everything else, is to make it automated so it is easier for our member schools.

Member Directory

The member directory is available on the front page of FHSAA.org in .PDF format. However, to update the directory, we will revert back to the GA1 and GA2 forms available at FHSAA.org. We had just recently switched that over to C2C for this, so this change should not be significant for most member schools. As soon as we can make this automated, we will. This is not at the top of the FHSAA’s priority list. We plan on starting with eligibility-related matters and then work our way down, in order of importance to our members.

Where can I find old state series results?

The FHSAA has recovered all of the result archives for the state series the past six years within C2C so those are available through the FHSAA. They will be available shortly on FHSAA.org if for some reason schools needs to refer back to them.

Membership Applications

For those who are on yearly commitments, we will go back to our previous paper form submission. We are currently working on creating a web form for it at FHSAA.org but again, this is not high on the priority list. By April, we will have a fillable .PDF or a web form made available for you when it’s time to renew member applications. For those who signed up for a five-year commitment, nothing is required of you this year.


AT2 Forms

The FHSAA finance department only has one item, the AT2 form, which is kept on C2C. The form is to request approval to have a sanctioned event, which now only applies to preseason classics, postseason bowl games and spring football games. This form will be found at www.fhsaa.org/forms and will be submitted electronically as directed on the form or through web form. All other financial reporting forms already exist on FHSAA.org. Our department has the least amount of change for this transition.

How will I purchase passes for the FHSAA State Series?

For schools who have not already purchased them, the FHSAA will provide a form to purchase passes for the FHSAA State Series. Do not purchase state series passes within C2C any longer.

Note:  Further updates will continue to be forthcoming.  It is the FHSAA’s goal to answer all questions and help to make this a seamless transition for our members.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and support as we move forward.

Remember – Please direct all inquiries to C2CHelp [at] fhsaa [dot] org.

Roger Dearing,
FHSAA Executive Director