FHSAA Representative Assembly Approves Eight Amendments To Current Bylaws

GAINESVILLE, FL (10/24/16) – The 20th Florida High School Athletic Association Representative Assembly voted to approve eight proposals Monday morning at FHSAA headquarters. The eight new amendments were approved unanimously and affect 12 FHSAA bylaws.


  1. Bylaw 1.4.29 – Allow courts to appoint temporary or permanent guardianship
  2. Bylaws 3.4.2 and 3.4.3 – Remove the word “full,” providing clarification relative to a school’s provisional period.
  3. Bylaw 3.6.2 – Allow schools to opt for a multi-year membership
  4. Bylaw 3.7.2 (Including subsequent sub-sections) – Clarifies and adds new language related to a school’s election to membership
  5. Bylaw – Avoids the occurrence of a sitting President-Elect who is not reelected to a second term on the Board of Directors
  6. Bylaw – Avoid occurrences when a school breaks a multi-year contract
  7. Bylaws,, and – Clarifies where by non-traditional students are allowed to participate
  8. Bylaw – Clarifies language related to transfer eligibility when a student wishes to continue to participate in a sport in which the student began participating at a previous school.

Fifty-seven of the 67 delegates attended and voted (including 3 vacancies). The body unanimously approved ratifying the changes to the bylaws that were mandated through HB 7029 legislation. In addition to the amendments approved, Tampa Preparatory School Athletic Director Michael Flynn was unanimously elected chairperson of the FHSAA Representative Assembly. Chamberlain High School Athletic Director Donald Hill was also unanimously elected vice chairperson.

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About the FHSAA Representative Assembly: The FHSAA Representative Assembly meets annually to consider and act on proposals to amend the Association's Bylaws. It currently is comprised of 67 delegates – 32 public high school delegates elected from 32 legislative divisions, 16 private high school delegates elected respectively from every two legislative divisions combined, four middle school delegates elected from each administrative section, one district school superintendent from each section, one district school board member from each section, two home education representatives, one charter schools representative from each section, and the Commissioner of Education or his designee. The Representative Assembly must act only upon those proposals submitted by member schools, the Board of Directors, the Commissioner, or any one of the Association's advisory committees. The Representative Assembly, acting as a whole, cannot develop its own proposal for consideration. A two-thirds majority vote of the Representative Assembly is required to adopt any proposed amendment.