Policy 36 (Policy on Athletic Recruiting) Now Available

Policy 36 Exam - Now Available for ALL Head Coaches!!

Intent statement for NEW Head Coaches

Each Head Varsity Coach is required to complete their compliance with P.36.4.1 by viewing an online presentation followed by successfully completing an exam consisting of twelve (12) questions via C2CSchools.

In pertinent part, P.36.4.1 states: The head coach in each varsity sport offered by the school shall, utilizing the official Association process as approved by the Executive Director, certify that he/she has reviewed the “FHSAA Policy on Athletic Recruiting,” will comply with all provisions of the policy and will review the provisions of the policy with his/her coaching staff and players electronically in a process facilitated by the FHSAA. Failure to comply will subject the school to minimum monetary penalty of $100.

Implementation Plan
All head coaches of varsity sports must comply with this policy before the first regular season contest.  Therefore, it will be necessary for each head varsity coach to have a log-in/account with C2CSchools.

How to Claim your Exam

1.     Log into your C2C Account
Important: We suggest that you take the exam on a laptop or PC.  Tablets may not have the necessary Flash software to run the application.

2.     Click on your Alerts Link (the little yellow caution sign)

3.     Click on Certification Examination

4.     Click on Take Exam


If you don’t have the Alert:

1.     Click on Menu à Account & Personal à Your Exams

2.     Click “Find Exam” if it does not Appear in the box

3.     Highlight the exam and click “Accept”

4.     Click “OK” to close the dialog box

5.    Highlight the exam and click “Take Selected”

6.     Click “Start”

If you have any questions, please email Shanell Young at syoung [at] fhsaa [dot] org