NFHS rules on feathers in Spirit Cheerleading

Many questions have been raised about the legality of cheerleaders wearing feathers in the hair.  The NFHS interpretation is as follows:

Feathers in the hair should be treated in the same manner as other hair devices such as ribbons and bows.  Rule 2-3-3 requires hair devices to be secure and hair to be worn in a manner that is appropriate for the activity involved.  If a feather is not securely affixed or could interfere with the participant’s vision or the safe execution of stunts or tumbling, it would be illegal.  If, however, a feather is securely affixed to the hair and does not present a risk of interfering with the participant’s vision or interfering with the safe execution of stunts or tumbling it would be legal.


2.3.3 SITUATION:  During a release transition one bracer is wearing a long feather in her hair that: (a) is secured away from her face by a flat barrette;  (b) hangs loose while the rest of her hair is secured in a ponytail.  RULING: (a) Legal; (b) illegal.