Lacrosse Clarification Letter – Recognized Team Sports

This correspondence is distributed to each of the FHSAA member schools in order to clarify and insure compliance of the Bylaws, Policies and Administrative Procedures of the FHSAA, as well as to serve as a notification of appropriate reporting for Title IX purposes to the Department of Education.  Club sports, sponsored by a school, must be included in the Title IX equity report.


FHSAA member schools, sponsoring team sports, which are either recognized or sanctioned by the FHSAA, must adhere to all of the Bylaws, Policies and Administrative Procedures of the FHSAA.  Specifically, this letter is to bring attention to all of the language in Policy 3, dealing with the “Categorization of Interscholastic Sports”.  Please make sure to familiarize yourself with Policy 3.


We have become aware that a number of member schools are sponsoring teams, in this case lacrosse, and labeling it as a “club team”, which makes the school non-compliant with the FHSAA policies.  Schools may only sponsor a club team in sports that are NOT recognized or sanctioned by the FHSAA.  Lacrosse is a recognized sport in our Association, and therefore must be conducted in accordance with all of the Association’s Bylaws, Policies and Administrative Procedures.


School teams are considered to be ‘sponsored by the school’, if any or all the following are true:


                School purchases and/or issues the uniforms,

                School owns the equipment utilized or issued to the team,

                School facilities are utilized without a third-party facility usage agreement,

                School Parental Consent Forms, Physical Forms or other documents are utilized,

                School Booster Club Funding is utilized,

                School staff utilized in any capacity (coach, score keeper, supervisor, etc.),

                School Insurance covers participants,

                School provides, or covers the cost of, transportation,

                School allows publishing or distribution of materials relating to the activity.


Schools sponsoring teams in FHSAA recognized or sanctioned sports must commit to the sport using the AT12 Form, in accordance with Policy 10, either electing to participate in the state series or to participate independently.  Schools electing to participate independently are still  required to follow all Bylaws, Policies and Administrative Procedures governing the applicable sport.


The Board of Directors has noted that there are a number of member schools that have been conducting school-sponsored lacrosse, not in compliance with our Bylaws and Policies.  They also are providing amnesty for the previous violations of those rules.  However, beginning in July 2011, all school-sponsored lacrosse teams must be properly registered by the school utilizing the AT12 Form and participate in all activities for that sport in compliance with the Association’s Bylaws, Policies and Administrative Procedures.  Please direct any questions you may have to the FHSAA office.