Water Polo Penalty Shot Change

There is one minor change with regards to penalty shots in water polo, after overtime has been completed (page 61 of the Officials Guidebook, and page 220 in the FHSAA Handbook).


Overtime Procedure. 

(1) Following a five-minute interval, there shall be a maximum of two sudden-death periods of three minutes with an interval of two minutes to change ends. There shall be a coin toss to determine ends for the first sudden-death period.

(2) If at the end of the second sudden-death period the score remains tied, then the captain(s) and head coach of each team will meet with the officials at the score table to review the procedure for penalty shots as follows:

     (a)   The referee will choose the goal at which all of the shots from the 5-meter line will be taken.

     (b)   Each coach will select any five players, including the goalkeeper, on or off the field (except those who may have been disqualified) to take the penalty shots. An order must be specified prior to beginning the penalty shots.

     (c)   A coin toss will be held in which the winner will have the choice of shooting first or second.

     (d)   Teams will alternate shooters.  There is no follow-up on shots.

     (e)   The defending team may change the goalkeeper prior to each penalty shot.

     (f)    The team scoring the greatest number of goals will be declared the winner.

     (g)   Add one goal to the winning team’s score prior to the penalty shots and credit the team with the victory. An asterisk (*) may placed by the score to denote the overtime procedure.

(3) If the score remains tied after each team has five penalty shots, then each coach may choose an additional five players that have not shot in the previous round to take the next round of penalty shots.

     (a)   If a team has fewer than 10 available players at the end of the first round of penalty shots due to injury or disqualification, then the coach must use all players who did not participate in the first round.

     (b)   The coach maymustchoose additional players from the first five shots to fill the remainder of the second round and to ensure a different set of five players.  If the score remains tied, continue the penalty shots with the coach selecting any five players to take the next set of alternating shots.  If a tie remains, repeat s.1012.04(3)(a).


If you have any questions, please contact Cristina Broska at cbroska [at] fhsaa [dot] org